How To Clean A Matte Laptop Screen?

Most of the people think that a matte laptop screen is quite different as compared to a simple glossy laptop screen. But actually, The truth is; you can easily clean it as comfy as a traditional screen of the laptop. It is OK or good to use the same products or ways to clean the matte laptop screens.

Interestingly to note is in this article we will cover some of the popular, quick, and efficient methods for cleaning a matte laptop screen very comfy and gently.

Once this is done, I will mention a few or some products that are being used for the professional cleaning process of the laptop screen. There are two much better ways through which you can clean your laptop screen this is superficial cleaning and the second one is serious cleaning.


  • By the first method which is superficial cleaning, in this process I do not mean a process that would not get rid of the dirt on your matte laptops Instead, it is a cleaning process that can completely clean the laptop screen for further cleaning, and it works best of best only in the case of less dirty laptop screens.

But still if your matte laptop monitor looks like a dirty mess, you must have to try the second method, which will be described later in the article. Because That method includes the additional small and important step.

So getting you to the main point, this first cleaning process is pretty small and simple. First, let’s list up all the things that you need to clean your matte laptop screen:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Distilled Water

These two things are needed for you. The dirt. Dust particle and other small particles will come off from the matte laptop screen very quickly, and your laptop screen will look to you as good as a new screen.

When you are done with it, just do this again time, with the help of dry cloth to remove the remaining water pours on the laptop screen.

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But don’t you worry, it is not anything that seems to be too complicated. Just have to follow the following steps, and you will manage to clean your matte laptop screen easily.

  1. If the laptop screen has a lot of dirt or dust deposited on it, first you must blow off this dust as much as you can blow. This is the most critical step in the overall process of cleaning.
  2. If you do not do it, clean the screen with a tissue while a lot of dirt dust is still on the laptop screen, but you could heavily scratch it from the screen. It would not matter if you use a microfiber cloth for cleaning.
  3. Before we are going to use pure water to get the screen cleaned. This time, when the laptop monitor is even uglier than before, you should use a special or good lotion created to clean matte laptop screens.
  4. Such a good product is designed to work great with a matte laptop screen. You will get a neat and clean matte laptop screen.


At the end of this article, I hope you should have pretty good ideas about the question of how to clean a matte laptop screen?