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How to choose the best color of a metal roof?

metal roof

metal roof

Metal roofs are a highly sustainable choice to go for. They don’t just make your home look amazing, but are an amazing long-term investment. Traditional asphalt lasts for 20 years or so while metal roofs have a life of over 50 years. However, color plays a vital role here. Selecting a color is a big decision especially when it is about a home. Commercial metal roofs have different needs in comparison to a residential one. And, with so many options around, making a choice can be difficult. The color of your metal roof is more than half of the property. It adds to the final look of the building. Keeping its importance in mind, here are some tips to choose the best color of a metal roof for your building.

Keep the surrounding elements into consideration

Your surroundings have different features. Hence, you should pick a color which doesn’t mix in with your surroundings. Rather, it should be attractive and easily distinguishable from the environment.

Check your neighborhood areas to get an idea of what other people are using. Going for a dominant color would be great.

Consider your home design

The color of your metal roof should complement the design of the house. Go for the color which matches the sides, doors and windows. For instance, if your doors are reddish-brown, then you can go for a reddish brown metal roof.

Sometimes mixing with the environment may be good. For instance, if you have a lot of trees in your surroundings, then choose a teal colored metal roof.

Pick a high quality paint

A good paint is known for its durability. There are special paints to block UV rays. The major factors which make up high quality metal roof paints are:

  • Durability and flexibility of metal roof
  • Quantity of solid in the paint such as resin
  • Breathability of the coating to allow low moisture transfer

Speak to an estimator

It is suggested that you speak to a consultant at AMT Metal Roofing who has experience in choosing the right color. The professional will provide you with the suitable guidance as to which color will complement your home design and surrounding.

At AMT Metal Roofing, you have a plethora of color options to choose from. Find out the best metal roof color suitable for your roof and finalize it.

Think of appearance under the sun

A metal look may appear different in the book in comparison to when installed on the roof. Hence consider its appearance under the sun before finalizing it. Imagine how it would appear on a sunny day, winter day and cloudy day. The difference will help you know how the color will look and then apply it.


Metal roofs are appealing and stylish. They are long lasting and resistant to harsh weather. But, you shouldn’t just be worried about the installation. Choosing the right color and applying a good quality paint will dramatically enhance the look of your property. For better help, consult professionals at AMT Roofing. We are skilled metal roof providers in Edmonton.