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How To Build A  Power Brand With Your Clothing Line.



If you are interested in building a powerhouse clothier brand, you need to take time away from just making and shipping clothes to your distributors or customers.

Do you think fashion superhouses like GUCCI, LV, Hermes, Nike and others achieved their level of appeal by shipping the products alone?

If that’s what you think then I hope you wake early from your slumber and take charge before a competitor in your league takes action and seize your own market share.

Once again, you can’t rely on your products or the custom clothing tags you have attached to it to stay relevant and at the top of your customer’s mind every time.

Without much ado, let’s dive right into how you can create a super brand in your own lane even if you don’t have LV’s marketing budget or Nike’s PR strength.

  • Identify your customer: If you are doing any business, first, you must know who your target audience is. A business whose target is everyone in the market space will fail horribly. Of  course, you will make some sales here and there but you will leave your destiny in the hands of “chance”.

Before anything else, ask yourself who am I in this business to serve?

  • You also need to conduct a market audit to identify who your competitors are and what they are doing in the market.

You may begin by carrying out a SWOT analysis of your competitors. A SWOT analysis seeks to analyze the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats peculiar to your competitors. In doing this, this offers you the opportunity to leverage on your competitor’s weakness.

You will be able to win customers to your business if you provide a solution to a problem they’re experiencing with your competitor.

However, you must ensure your chosen competitor shares the same target audience with you otherwise it’d be a wasted effort.

  • Give meaning to your brand: Here is yet another thing you can do to build a powerful brand. Give your brand a purpose that goes beyond making a profit…of course, you have to make a profit, that’s why you are in business and that’s why your competitor is also in business.

Look at Toms for example, since its founding the company has matched every pair of shoes purchased with a donated pair for a child, providing more than 95 million kids with the footwear they need to protect them from contracting infections through feet injuries.

  • Maintain high standards: every content that comes out of your business must be standard. Be it your product, your social media, your graphics or other visuals…you can’t afford to be mediocre, it passes a wrong statement about your brand and it may cause your customer to have a poor perception of your business. And your customer’s perception is what really counts if you are to build a successful brand, there is no cheat around that, it’s a universal truth!