How Regional languages play important role in the growth and development of any country

People of every region should first learn their own regional language. Do you know why? Regional languages like Bengali help people to communicate and develop harmony in official business affairs. This plays a huge role in the growth and development of any country. 

The second aim of this article is to make you understand how important it is to preserve your traditional local language along with your natural heritage. 

There are so many languages in this world you can learn but it is not possible to forget your own regional language. People of Kerala will not be able to speak Hindi fluently daily if they’re fluent in Bengali language. 

Learning Regional languages is greatly beneficial for the states and because it leads to good communication skills and thus, the children when grown up in full adulthood bring the change in their nation. To bring about positive changes, one needs to learn the regional language from childhood days. Therefore, we have come up with an interesting and engaging way of learning the language i.e., Bengali Keyboard

State government in India has also obliged to teach the state language as a part of their syllabus. At least there are 2-3 languages that are adopted by the government which are commonly spoken. One is the state language, second is Hindi (in India) and the third is the English language that is spoken in almost every country around the globe. 

Let’s learn how important regional language is in the growth and development of any country:

  • Mode of interaction: Growth is only possible through proper interaction. If people of the same region are not interacting in their regional language and behaving like outsiders, then they’re not even close to being a part of growth. Regional languages are a mode of interaction, and it should always be. In a group of people, if everyone is of the same region, then there is no point of communicating in any other language other than their own regional one. Yes, it brings people together. 
  • Acts as a pillar of strength: Let’s take an example of a country called North Korea, we can see people of Korea interacting mostly in the standard Korean language. Most Koreans are not well-known with the English language. Yes! THEY ARE NOT. Even when they are not fluent in the language that is most commonly spoken all over the world, they do not make fun of each other, and this is the reason why they’re all developing and growing with no such conflicts related to the language. Taking this as a lesson, people of India should also not feel ashamed while having conversations professionally too in their own regional language. In a team full of Malayali’s, you can have unofficial meetings in Malayalam language. Same goes with the people of Uttar Pradesh. They speak in Hindi while running their business, their mindset brings growth and not their capabilities to speak any other language. 
  • In Social Media: In various social media platforms, we see English language being the common mode of communication. While in other countries, they get social media in their own regional language. In India too, we need social media platforms in our own regional languages according to our states. We want to write captions in our language, our stories in our language. This brings growth, A huge growth. Social Media is a big platform where people from all over the world come together and keep interacting with people from different parts of the world. We can form communities to interact with business from our regions and be productive. This is the power of regional languages. It brings people together and allows them to feel free while having conversations related to the overall growth and development which ultimately helps in the development of the nation.
  • Regional languages in technologies: We can say that the importance of regional languages coming back because they’re now being a part of various technologies changes. Previously, there was no software’s for local languages to support and be expressed widely. Now, we have so many options through which we can be part of trends and be a part of growth in our country. One of those mediums is the regional Keyboards. Regional keyboards let us type and interact online in our own regional language without facing any boundation of other languages. Our local language comes first, and regional Keyboards help us learn the importance of the same. 

One of the regional keyboards that we want you to try is the Bengali keyboard. The Bengali keyboard app allows you both to write and translate your texts in English as well as Hindi. It is considered by many others of people residing in Bangladesh as well as West Bengal to be the most authentic Bangla Language app. This keyboard gives you a great and smooth typing experience and is very handy to use. When using this keyboard, we can also type our texts in English along with many other texts and translate them into Bengali. The keyboard has many additional features to send emojis and gifs to help your friends talk better. It also includes trendy themes and fonts to make your daily chats fun and pleasant.

Bengali keyboard is a must-have keyboard for all the Bengali speakers out there. Once you start using the keyboard there is no chance to go back. This is an all-in-one keyboard that lets you do so many things without any difficulties. DOWNLOAD NOW AND BE A PART OF YOUR COUNTRY’S GROWTH!