How Proxies Can Help Your Business Stay Ahead of the Competition



Staying ahead of your competition, whatever the size or type of business you have, is difficult. New challenges and challengers will constantly come for you, and quite often, they won’t play with friendly rules. Indeed, rule books are very often torn up. How, then, can you protect yourself and ringfence your leadership? The answer is the judicious use of proxies.

Proxies might seem a rather’ left-field’ answer for those who don’t know that much about them or what they can do. However, when used correctly, the proxy options available from companies such as allow you to build an invisible wall around your business and let you go on the attack.

How Can Proxies Help You Stay In Front of Competitors

Proxies are among the most underutilized resources for helping your business remain ahead of the field. They can be employed, in many different ways, from search engine manipulation to firewalls.

Search Engine Manipulation

Gone are the days of looking through tomes of “yellow pages” or other physical directories. Unless you are just perusing from block to block as you walk along a street, almost all first contact with your business will come via the internet.

As the web is such a crucial conduit to your success, managing and sometimes manipulating this source will be essential to allow you to remain at the forefront. The most important is the ability proxies give to shape your search presence in a way Google won’t ordinarily allow and provide a means to collect valuable data to boost your edge.

Two Ways to Manipulate SERPS

Over two thousand parameters can affect where your website or page ranks in the search engine results page (SERPs) for a given search term. Some are more important than others, and each is weighted accordingly. The two ways that proxies can help with most are link-building and click-through rate manipulation.

Link Building

The first and most effective is link building. There are many ways to build links, from guest posting to building your own satellite sites. The goal of all the methods is to pass link juice and topical authority to your business site.

It is the ability of proxies to allow you to create a mass network of web 2.0 sites and leverage their inbuilt domain authority that proxies are best employed. Of course the web 2.0 sites want you to refrain from leveraging their platforms in this way and create a number of barriers. The most difficult of these is IP address monitoring.

Proxies provide the perfect solution, allowing you to rotate your IP address with every application for a new site.

Click Through Rates

By combining a relatively simple python script with the rotating residential proxies, you can manipulate the click-through rates of the keywords that most crucial to you.

Local SEO

Local SEO is one of the best ways to use proxies to help you stay in on or reach the Google Map Pack for a given search term. For local businesses, this is incredibly important. Geo-location residential proxies can allow your search manipulation to appear to have come from a specific area, matching your business’s service area.

Further, they can help you build engagement by creating driving directions, a further ranking factor for Local SEO searches. So, using proxies can cement your site at the top, whether you are a plumber or a pizza delivery restaurant.

Video Views

In the same manner that you can set proxies to manipulate click-through rates, you can employ similar tactics to YouTube videos.

The second biggest search engine on the internet is YouTube, and because of its scale, it is an excellent method of being seen and for sending visitors to your site. Furthermore, Google enables you to generate income from ads on views through the AdSense program.

The uses of proxies are broader than just enhancing click-through rate, with YouTube also ranking depending on views, watch time, and engagement of a specific video and channel.

Qualifying for Adsense

Watch time and the number of subscribers matter in more than just a ranking sense. They are also the main determining criteria for monetizing your channel through the AdSense program. Deploying proxies to generate watch time and subscriptions can go a long way to getting you over the minimum threshold for your channel to qualify.

Using Proxies for Views, Watch Time, and Engagement

Proxies allow you to create ghost views for the videos on your channel. Using premium residential proxies helps Google to accept the views as genuine.

Increasing the number of views has two effects. First, it helps with the Google algorithm. Second, an increased number of views also psychologically affects the searcher as they are far more likely to watch a popular video from a channel they have yet to come across than one with only a few views.

Using the right software with your proxies can also help vary the watch time, leave comments, likes, and subscribes to the channel, all reflecting engagement.

Data Scraping

Often overlooked by many firms is data scraping. A colossal quantity of valuable and even sensitive information just sits on the internet.

Amongst the most obvious places are search engines and social media, and both can be a treasure trove of data. However, although freely viewable, these sites have measures to prevent automated scraping through IP limiting and browser fingerprinting.

Collecting said data and organizing it in a helpful way is only possible if you can get around these restrictions. Proxies allow you to do just that, providing you with a new IP for each process.

Traffic in Traffic Out

Proxies are not only just useful for managing your internet presence, you can set up a proxy server to act as the gatekeeper, protecting your business from unauthorized access by creating and managing a firewall. In addition, they can help maximize your workforce’s efficiency by policing what individuals can and cannot access.

Monitor Incoming Traffic

If your servers keep sensitive information on them, creating a proxy server to set up a firewall is one of the most effective uses of proxies.

A proxy server controls the flow of information both in and out of your servers. Incoming requests can be filtered with access only allowed to whitelisted IP blocks. This filtering can prevent hacking attacks that might be employed against you, keeping secret what you wouldn’t want your competitors to know.

Increasing Employee Attentiveness

Your employees can be your greatest asset; they can also be downright inefficient. As we have already noted, the internet usually provides initial contact with your service/brand, but the internet also dominates the running of your office. With it, temptation resides!

All firms have some parts of their business that will rely on the internet, whether it is maintenance or mundane tasks of keeping your business running to any online services or collecting orders for your primary services.

Proxies can play a considerable role in building efficiencies. They will enable even the smallest business owner to log and manage the time that staff spends online, ensuring they are being paid to work for you and not to add likes to TikTok or Facebook posts!


It doesn’t matter whether you are a small local pizza restaurant or a large business, proxies provide a potent way for you to remain ahead of your competition. They can help propel your local business up into Google’s Map Pack, deliver watch time and engagement to your videos, help you build an information database, or prevent your employees from taking liberties with your time.

By carefully selecting the correct type of proxies for the task, you can deploy one or all of the methods discussed to build a moat around your leading position. The truth is if you don’t use proxies to your advantage, you could well find your competitor will.

You can find more methods that use proxies to keep you ahead of the rest on this proxy blog.