How long does it take for Amazon to respond to an appeal?  



Amazon is inarguably the biggest online platform in the world. It has 2.5 million sellers, and roughly 112 million customers in the U.S. alone. This is why when somebody asks us about how long it takes for Amazon to respond to an appeal; we can honestly say: we don’t know!

Yep, even a service like Got Suspended? can never quite now when Amazon will respond to appeals, and here’s why:

It’s a case-by-case thing!

As you may already know, Amazon can suspend seller accounts over a wide variety of reasons. From verifications, to selling inauthentic products and counterfeits, to linked accounts. Literally anything. There is no real statistic of how many sellers get suspended on Amazon’s platform, but judging by the numbers we started this article with, we can safely assume that it’s pretty high!

And who do you think is there to take care of suspended cases? The same people who are responsible for suspending them! Amazon’s ever-watchful Seller Performance team. While it’s true that the reason behind all these suspensions is actually Amazon’s top-notch artificial intelligence algorithm, A9, the dirty job of handling the actual accounts is left to the Seller Performance team.

And what a tough job that is!

Imagine getting hundreds and hundreds of emails and even more phone calls every day, which are all saying the same thing:


As much as we hate Amazon for suspending seller accounts, we can’t help but sympathize with those poor people at Seller Performance who get the wet end of the stick. Angry sellers can’t really vent against an algorithm, because, well, it’s an algorithm! But what they can argue with it a person on the other side of a computer or the phone.

Once the appeal has been sent in, we really have no concrete timeline of when it will be responded to. However, our experience shows that the time varies based on how severe the case is. For example, a simple verification will only require a member of Seller Performance to look into your case and check the documents. Logic says it shouldn’t take too long.

For a trickier case like an inauthentic product suspension, the process might take longer because Seller Performance not only needs to check your documents, but also needs to verify everything with your supply chains and poke around your account a bit deeper than it normally would.

And don’t get us started on linked accounts…because everything is doubled! Two or more accounts, a megaton of documents…you do the math!

It’s always best to get the process started sooner. If you contact an Amazon account specialist 24 hours after your suspension, you might actually have a head-start. Even if your case is tricky, the sooner you try to fix the issue, the better. That’s what we’re here for! Got Suspended? has dedicated teams who will root out the cause of your suspension, and present tailor-made appeals to Amazon on a silver platter. Because the info we provide is so clear-cut and well-researched, Amazon will notice it among the thousands of cheap, template appeals. When we write, we write to attract! Contact us now and let’s cook up a top-notch appeal for your account reinstatement today!