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How Can You Use the Inverted Pyramid for SEO Copywriting?



SEO copywriting is one of the tricky areas for content creation that need to be checked on for the sake of better SEO management. The inverted pyramid writing style for the contents is one of the most popular and traditional methods that put the most important information to the utmost. Whether it is quite popular among journalists and news writers, is it also equally important for SEO copywriting? The answer is yes. But how do you do it? Well,  the best SEO services New York can help you with better results. But before you start knowing about how to use this for your SEO copywriting, you need to know what it is actually.

What is the inverted pyramid?

While creating content, the first thing you need to keep in mind is, most of the readers do not have the time to spend more than a few minutes on your articles. Thus the inverted pyramid focuses on highlighting the critical pieces of the story in the first paragraph so that it can draw the attention of the reader.

The inverted pyramid is focused on enriching the first paragraph of the article so that it can give the readers the results they are looking for so that they can keep on reading more in the piece.

The introductory paragraph of the writing piece gets followed by the paragraphs which contain all the important details. After that, it discusses all the general information and the background which supports the writing and the context.

How do you use it for your SEO copywriting?

Following up the inverted pyramid structure for your SEO content is not that much a familiar practice, but it is a very much beneficial one. Knowing how to implement it in your SEO piece can benefit you in various ways to get the most traffic. Here is how do you make use of it:

1. Consider creating a topic hierarchy:

The inverted pyramid is highly focused on putting a high amount of priority on the content. Hence it requires the creator to set up the priority for the topics that you wish to cover.  Many times the key points that you want to make can be used as the target keyword. Theme the lower priority points can become the subtopics for the focused keyword for your piece. This way, it can concentrate the attention of your reader to the central point of the content, which can deliver them more accurate information based on their search.  Thus you need to figure out first which points are the most important ones for your readers.

2. Create a creative tagline:

A good tagline can easily draw and hook the attention of the reader instantly. The tagline you are creating for your SEO copywriting needs to stay at the starting of your article, which can give a brief about the entire content in one line.

You can also consider including the target keyword to the tagline so that you can make the article subject more obvious for your readers. At the same time, you can also consider being a little bit creative with the hook or the slogan that you are using for your content so that it can draw more attention right away.

3. Build a priority list for your target keywords:

Similar to your priority for your topics, you must set up the priority for the target keywords that you are targeting. Prioritizing the keywords helps in driving more accurate results and, at the same time, lets you create content that goes completely relevant so that your users can get valuable results every time.

4. Properly utilize the numbered and the bulleted lists:

The numbers and the bulleted lists in your content can give your piece a more well-organized look. One of the very goals of the Inverted Pyramid is to give your content the tribute of better readability for both the search engine and the users. Including the numbered and the bulleted lists can easily organize the content and help the readers to have a quick scan through your writing so that they do not have to spend too much time to get their desired answers.


The inverted pyramid is highly focused on delivering the results to the readers which they are looking for. It saves a lot of time for the reader and, at the same time, scales the content in a way so that it can have all the attention of the users.