International Mathematics Olympiad is a means to identify the talent of a student and help them nurture their inner passions for the same. It brings out the creativity hidden in each student and enables them to foster their love for the subject on a higher level. Students below 20 years of age are eligible to sit for the exam and gain an ever-strong experience in the field, broadening their base and horizon on the subject. Students should be well aware of the process and the concerned syllabus to help them crack the examination.

Taking part in such international level competitions will help students boost their moral confidence and get prepared for various other competitive examinations shortly. Students are advised to be thoroughly well-versed with one’s curriculum from where around 50% of questions are set. One who has a thorough knowledge of the same can easily get a step ahead to crack their exams. The rest 50% needs analytical skills, reasoning power to get through. Numerous previous years’ questions need to be solved for getting a comprehensive knowledge on the pattern and structure of the paper which eases the process of preparation.

IMO Sample Paper 1 with Answers For Class 7 helps to look at the solutions while revising the content and this helps students to work out on their weaker areas and rework those points.

Olympiad Exams are mostly conducted from the school level and those having an inquisitiveness will help them to achieve a greater school. Various lecturing sessions are conducted online which becomes extremely beneficial for students to clear their concepts and take their hands on a standard above them. Students are also advised to be thorough with the grade 6 syllabus as certain questions are also set from just below a grade of the candidate. Competing in such an exam right from the school level makes a child super confident for their future undertakings and helps score a much better rank in various other high-level exams. They should keep track of their evaluation and assess themselves continuously for performing better.

Class 7 is generally considered to be the initial stages of a students’ career and working hard right from the beginning can go a long way. Thus, the first step towards concept clearing is working on all those subject-specific equations which need rigorous practice and revision. Getting hold of some practice worksheets and online sessions can guide students into a great path and allow them to venture into new fields with time and arenas.

Unlike NEET where various subjects of science need equal focus, IMO allows the student to focus particularly Mathematics as a subject and grasp the entirety of it. Allowing different approaches to Geometry, Arithmetic and Algebra is the key takeaway for the exams. Concentrating more on weaker areas with a time-bound approach to increase speed and solving pace, works like a wonder. Generally, these international level exams have an MCQ pattern, so students should acquaint themselves with multiple MCQ solving patterns.

As soon as one completes a chapter and clears all the concepts related to it, it becomes essential for a candidate to solve at least 1000 MCQs per day. Preparation should start right from the beginning to overcome the stage-fear and panic attacks. It is here where time-bound practices go a long way. It helps students to speed up their process of solving equations and increase the speed of solving worksheets as the day passes. In this way, one can easily assess their progress and better ways to enhance their skills. It is when one goes a mile extra like taking part in other maths-related skills, getting hold of standardized problem-solving books that they can develop a greater insight into their working skills.

Making timetables and sticking to them is always necessary to be consistent in one’s preparation. Students are under a lot of pressure when they need to prepare for their school curriculum as well as prepare differently for the IMO. In such a situation only a proper timetable could help fix the anxiety. Working as per routine helps sort of the burden of overwork, it helps follow a definite system that allows completion of chapters in a much simpler way. There are instances when the question pattern tends to change without prior information. Students should be prepared for the same and not find themselves clouded with fret and anxiety.

The application of the right equations and formulas will lead to the correct answer. It is only the ability to identify the steps of the equations and that is possible only when one has rigorous practice every session until they have developed true confidence within themselves.

As a student of class 7, it is equally essential to continue developing the areas of their interest along with such preparation. Nothing new goes to waste and even such great development in one’s analytical skills can stand him out in the whole process of preparation. Taking out leisurely hours from a strict routine is significant to soothe one’s mind and get adequate refreshments. As we all have heard, no play and only work make a person dull and so it is important to look into the leisurely hour for securing a better performance. One can go a long way if they can brush up their skills right from the beginning and be aware of the minutest details of every exam they take. Avoiding shortcuts is a major way to get in. Doing away with careless mistakes and remaining extremely focused while solving equations are important factors to be kept in mind.

With determination and hard work, even the impossible is achievable, and therefore aiming for something big right from the 7th grade is already an achievement and a bit brushing up of one’s might help him take a bigger step and reach their goal. Participating and competing with multiple students gives a life-long experience to any mathematics lover out there!