Habits that can help you score 95% in the class 10 maths exam



Math is one of the highest-scoring subjects of class 10th. However, most of the students don’t like this subject. In fact, it is a subject that can be fun for some students and a nightmare for others. You can either get it entirely right or completely wrong. But, if you want to score good marks in the board’s exam, Mathematics can help you with that. Read on to learn a few tips that will help you score more than 95% in class 10 Maths paper:

  1. Have separate books for theories, methods, and formulae

Math is all about concepts, theories, and formulae. It is recommended that you keep these handy. This way, you will be able to read them on the go. With this practice, you will get a lot of help during the last-minute revision.

  1. Try to find the solutions yourself

While preparing for the exam, you will be working on different types of problems. However, it is also important to ensure that you are solving them yourself. Learning the concepts and theories is easy, but implementing those concepts in a problem is not that simple. If you want to score high marks in this subject, you must solve all the questions by yourself multiple times.

  1. Understand the syllabus

Once you have a clear understanding of the syllabus, different sections, and their weight, you will know exactly how much time to dedicate to each section.

  1. Figure out your areas of improvement

If you know the areas that you have to focus more on, it will help you get a better score. To find such sections where you need more practice to improve your score, you can write tests and solve sample papers.

  1. Be regular

Regularity doesn’t just mean attending your classroom lectures and tuition classes. This means that you should have regular self-study sessions. Other than your classes and lectures, you have to spare some time for studying the subject by yourself. Make self-study a daily practice and you will be able to get a good score.

  1. Learn and practice

There are a lot of students who talk about skipping the internal exams because their scores don’t count. They believe that it is only the board exams that matter and nothing else. It is crucial that you attend all the lectures, get an understanding of the concepts, and give the internal exams. These exams will not only make you practice more questions but also give you a rough idea of what the actual board exam will be like.

  1. Make proper notes

Having proper notes can be quite advantageous for your board’s preparation, especially for the Maths subject. This is because while creating notes, you will get a better understanding and knowledge of the concepts. Also, these are easy to study from and can help mark things that you need to revise later.

  1. Focus on course books

Many students jump straight on reference books to prepare for the board’s exam and don’t finish their course books. The truth is that without the NCERT books, you won’t be able to excel. These are enough for you to score over 95% in Maths paper. You have to go through these books diligently and practise the exercise questions every day.

  1. Create a timetable and follow it strictly

It is important to manage your time for preparation. You need to make a timetable to study and adhere to it. While you are framing the schedule, divide the whole syllabus into small sections and allot a specific duration for them. For instance, if you are planning to study 6 hours a day during the weekend, you can divide these 6 hours into 3 or 4 sessions, depending upon your capabilities. Select the topic that you will be covering in that session. It is important for you to define the expected outcome from the study sessions accurately. If you set your goals, topics, and time duration correctly, it will make your study sessions more concrete and fruitful. However, you also have to make sure that your timetable is durable or else all your efforts will be in vain.

  1. Solve exam papers from previous years

Once you have finished the subject and feel like you know all the concepts well, you can start to solve the exam papers from previous years. These will be like an assessment tool you can use for checking how well you know your concepts. Also, they will help you analyze the exam pattern. You can also practice the important questions from all the chapters for your board exam preparation. If you face any difficulty in solving a question, you can refer to tons of CBSE class 10 maths solutions that are available online.

  1. Work on your presentation skills

If you present your answers better it will increase your chances of scoring more marks. You need to work on your presentation skills so that your answer sheet looks organized and neat. While you are taking practice tests, you can work on your writing speed. Apart from speed, you also have to focus on neat writing. Written practice is just as important as preparing for the exam. You need to hone your writing skills and writing speed as they are both needed to complete your exam on time.

  1. Have enough revision cycles

You need to plan your study sessions in a way that you have enough time for revising the syllabus. You should revise the syllabus three or more times before the exam. The first session will help you know how much you remember. Through the second session, you will be able to remove the loopholes. The third session will allow you to strengthen your understanding and concepts.

  1. Eat properly and take proper rest

Having a well-rested mind will increase your efficiency during the exam. So, before and during your exam days, you have to take proper rest. It will help you stay concentrated for longer periods. Also, you need to keep an eye on your diet. Avoid junk & fatty foods and eat foods that are rich in proteins.

With these simple yet helpful tips, you will be able to score 95% in your class 10 Maths paper. You will feel nervous before the exam which is quite normal. Just trust your study process and you will be able to deal with anything. Good luck!