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Website maintenance is usually a work that is technical in nature and requires professional touch. Today we will talk about when maintenance is required, how to choose a Web Design Dubai Company to carry on required tasks and what works are included in this service. We will try to make it easy to understand for a common man and provide a list of tips to help you get things right.

Types of General Website Maintenance Tasks

The work is carried out by a Web Design Dubai Company as a Subcontractor. It is aimed at maintaining the functionalities and updates as and when required. Consider the below list of tasks for which maintenance company services may be requested:

  1. Prompt error correction
  2. Updates
  3. Virus scans
  4. Regular Backups of the website
  5. Publication of materials provided by the customer;
  6. Layout adjustments
  7. Layout addition of new components,
  8. General improvements
  9. Refinement of design
  10. Expansion or reduction of the number of sections etc.

You Must Get Technical Help for:

  1. Restore data from a backup in case there is a data loss.
  2. Website transfer to a new hosting;
  3. Complex treatment for viruses;
  4. Elimination of the consequences of tacks, other one-time services.

The set of technical and informational works is wider. It depends on the type and purpose of the task, as well as errors and updates involved.

When Website Maintenance May Be Required

Website owners often do not know at what stage maintenance will be required. It is believed that technical and informational support is needed at the initial stages, but this opinion is erroneous. Yes, the primary works ensure smooth operation, but in the future, help will also be needed. The owner can perform some operations on his own, but he will not be able to provide full support. Consider the main stages at which maintenance is required.

  • The first time after launch: A new website needs to be constantly improved, because right after launch errors, flaws pop up. After launch, any kind of support is of strategic value.
  • Promotion Stage: Regular updating, working with web pages and content, improving the front-end and back-end to positively affect the rankings and increase traffic.
  • After the promotion: Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, the requirements for the quality of resources and content are becoming more stringent. We must not forget about competitors who by any means strive to occupy the first positions in extradition. At this stage, maintenance will help maintain and improve the results achieved. It will help solve the problems of users who regularly visit the resource. This is especially true if you decide to start promoting your site on low-frequency queries.
  • As and When Required: Updating, improving content, creating backups, fighting viruses are important processes, they must be monitored every day. No one is safe from DDoS attacks, search engine sanctions, and other troubles.

Does Your Project Require A Service?

The service in question will be relevant in the following cases:

  • You do not plan to hire your own staff who will be engaged in the constant maintenance of the resource
  • You are a good businessman, but poorly versed in technical and informational aspects;
  • The company is actively developing, therefore it is necessary to update and improve the resource regularly. We are talking about new promotions, functions, assortment and other offers that are interesting to your customers;
  • You want the information on the site to be regularly updated. This is an excellent solution that allows you to strengthen your position in the TOP, attract new customers. In this case, it is impossible to cope without a contractor;
  • the resource does not work well, regular technical problems are observed, which cannot be fixed independently.

Maintenance is required at any stage; it helps to avoid problems and improves the quality of work.

How to Find a Website Maintenance Company: Tips

If you understand that you cannot cope with the maintenance of the website, then you need to find  a website maintenance company. When searching for a it, you can follow the standard rules:

  • The company must have design and development experts on its disposal, as well as feedback on their work, left by real customers;
  • The contractor does not work on a strict schedule, because the emergency can happen at any moment. It is better to look for companies that provide round-the-clock technical support, work on any day, from weekends to holidays.

Experienced website maintenance agency will take on all the technical and informational tasks, preventing any unforeseen situations.


To summarize, let’s talk about prices. It is not possible to immediately indicate a fixed price. It directly depends on:

  • Type of work
  • Type of site
  • Your requirements
  • Ranking positions
  • Stage of development
  • A set of existing problems and errors.

Good service cannot be cheap. Too low prices should alert you and too high prices scare. First you need to study the websites of different companies in your line of business or niche, which will then help you to determine the average price of the service.

Before starting work, an honest maintenance company conducts an analysis of all parameters and diagnostics to identify problems and form an action plan. If you are immediately given the price without enquiring about the level of work then then it is better to continue the search until you find someone reasonable with relevant knowledge and expertise in web design and development.