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Going Green In Mackay: The Precedence Of Solar Energy

Going Green In Mackay: The Precedence Of Solar Energy

Going Green In Mackay: The Precedence Of Solar Energy

No fuel source has come close to revolutionizing the world’s energy sector, unlike the discovery of fossil fuels. Automation, industrial plants, manufacturing, and transport have significantly depended on these energy sources, making their progress traverse leaps and bounds in trade, finance, and development. However, one of the most significant energy sources also comes with a great disadvantage; they are dangerous to the environment. As if that wasn’t enough, unlike the energy sources of solar in Mackay or wind energy in Victoria, fossil fuels have a limit after which they’ll remain depleted for millions of years.

In a country that is significantly dependent on non-renewable types of energy and with the entire infrastructure solely based on fossil fuel and petroleum energy sources, its depletion will be a problem. Almost all sectors run on conventional energy, and the dwindling quantities will topple economies and industries unless an alternative power source is established. This is where renewable sources, especially solar energy, come into play.

The City Of Mackay: The New Hub For Solar Energy?

Various statistics indicate how solar energy is in high demand in the city of Mackay, whether it’s for commercial uses or industrial purposes. Nevertheless, anything that tries to cut back the attention away from fossil fuels is a good option, provided they can give out a steady supply of power with the rising demand. Australia is a country that accounts for only 7 per cent of renewables, according to a study conducted in 2019-2020, generating about 24 per cent of the country’s electricity generation. Out of this, 6.5 per cent was attributed to solar, a number that can undoubtedly be bolstered with the proper infrastructure in the future. And this is precisely what Mackay is trying to do and hopefully will accomplish in the years to come.

The Advantages of Solar Energy Compared to Other Sources of Power

The vast demand for energy from solar in Mackay has made hundreds of residents look into different ways to incorporate them into their households. To understand why to take a look at the possible benefits of solar energy below:

  • No More Electricity Bills: With many Mackay residents struggling to pay their electricity bills, the best alternative to get rid of these utility companies would be to switch to solar. With suitable battery storage systems and agreements, solar power can help residents do away with most electricity bills and rates. Not only does it help get rid of the rising electricity rates in the city, but it will also give control of the houses power supply to the owner.
  • Emission Free: No more harmful or toxic emissions like the fossil fuel combustions. No pollutants are released into the atmosphere, soil or water bodies allowing the community to save up on unnecessary medical charges attributed to inhaling toxic particulates.
  • Save Up On Costs Through Incentives: Total cost of installation of solar panels has reduced drastically over the years. Moreover, the Australian government offers various incentives and tax cuts to those opting for solar energy, giving the residents an upper hand regarding monthly payments and energy taxes. Speaking of saving up on costs, solar panels also help to boost the property market value, making solar panel installations a good investment in Mackay.
  • Renews Itself: Solar panels take in energy from the sun and store it in the grid batteries, which run the house. There’s no need to fill it with any fuel or be wary of any electrical outages from the main circuit stations as all the energy is taken from constant sunlight throughout the day.


Written By Alison Lurie.