FIFA 21 Effective Attacking Guide

FIFA 21 Effective Attacking Guide

FIFA 21 Effective Attacking Guide

FIFA 21 Effective Attacking Guide – Simply Offensive Techniques & Tricks To Score Against Any Defending

In FIFA 21, how to get more shots and win goals? How to effectively break through the opponent’s defense? In this FIFA 21 offensive guide, we will share the most effective attacking methods and skills to help you win more games in FUT Champions, surely it will help you save FIFA 21 coins for buying top rated players.

The Most Effective Ways To Attack In FIFA 21

Attacking in FIFA 21 has evolved a lot comparing with FIFA 20. There are a lot of new options that you can use, which will help you improve your winning ratio. 

Technique 1 – Using Driven Pass To Send A Ground Pass Over Longer Distance

First of all, we are going to start with a move that has made a comeback from FIFA 19. It is so overpowered before and still great to use now, we are talking about the Driven Pass. 

What is a Driven Pass? It is a super fast low pass towards your teammate. It’s also a good idea to use them for mid-range passes too, since they move a lot quicker than a standard pass and are much harder to intercept. You can perform it by pressing and holding R1 on your Playstation controller or RB on your Xbox One controller, and pressing also the Pass button. 

Why Driven Pass is such an important skill that you need use in your attacking in FIFA 21? . A driven ground pass is useful when you want to send a ground pass over a longer distance. It adds more power without sacrificing too much accuracy. It does not leave time for the defender to realize what’s going on. You will do from a normal possession game and rush the tempo that will go up. You will play a lot faster and surprise him. Another important thing is the fact that: if you master the driven pass (you can master it only by practicing a lot), you will see the first touch of your striker is the perfect layout for a shot. And that’s again very important because in FIFA 21, the defenders block a lot of shots you get in a penalty box, but from a driven pass, your striker will do a perfect first touch and then a effective shot.

Technique 2 – Stepovers and Standing Fake Shot Help You Get Perfect Shot Position

Another thing that you need to consider for attacking in FIFA 21 is skills are so overpowered this year! When building an attack and isolating your striker, you need to have in mind a few sill moves! And the top 2 skill moves at this moment for us would be the stepovers and standing fake shot. 

In penalty area, your player advances fast on pitch by doing the step overs and in the same time a bit controls pushes the defender away. After that you are in the perfect position to do a direct shot. Standing fake shot with La Croqueta is another great skill moves in positional attacks. In order to perform it, you have to do a standing face shot which is a fake cross or a fake shot without moving the left Analog.Afterwards do a La Croqueta by pressing and holding L1 on your Playstation controller or LB on your Xbox controller, and moving the right right Analog, keeping it pressed to the left or to the right of your player depending where you want the La Croqueta to. Then you will be able to do a direct shot and score a goal. But remember to buy suitable players with FUT coins in transfer market to perform the skill moves effectively. 

Technique 3 – Wing Play and Cut Inside Create More Shot Chance

Next on our list, we’ve got a classic, but a classic that is more important than ever in FIFA 21 – the wing play and cut inside feature. All pros have been using this type of play from the beginning of FIFA. Because versus a good player is sometimes extremely difficult to open him up in the center of the pitch, he’s got the defenders there and knows how to defend, and you will need to open him up on the wing. This is what will be great in FIFA 21, the fact that you will be able to open up players on the wing. We do advise white formation like 442, 433, 4231 to use wing play. In FIFA 21, the whole thing with the wing play is similar with FIFA 20 and other FIFA’s version, but skill moves are a bit better now. When you get in a nice advanced position, just cut inside using a skill move such as body faint or drag back, do consecutive passes and see the isolated player inside the penalty box play to him and score a goal. The same thing here is, again you will be able to destabilize the opponent’s defense by doing this type of play.

Cut inside applies in any FIFA’s and also great now. It is generally a counter attack move. You will use it when you see your striker is being closed down or the angle isn’t good enough to pass the ball, or the striker is not yet in the right position to receive a pass, you will use an intermediary pass to a teammate, give time to your striker to get in the right position and play a direct through ball to the striker that is now in a great position. This is fantastic move for a counter for counter attack, works very well for against pressure opponents. Because against pressure opponents, you won’t have a lot of angles to play through balls. 

Technique 4 – Double Tap Pass & Creative Runs Put Your Players On The Right Path

Double Tap Pass added in FIFA 20, some say it’s not that good in FIFA 21 anymore, while we say this super easy to performed skill is still powerful. It chips a bit the pass so it is harder for the defender to intercept it. So you get the pass to you get the chance to squeeze the ball into your striker through tighter angles. After you do this type of pass for the striker, it is easier for him to stop the ball and shoot or to do a first touch shot. 

To build your attacks with creative runs which is the new features in FIFA 21. You can perform it by pressing in the same time on the left analog or on the right analog, in this way, you will be able to control your player after doing a pass. But we don’t want to exactly to do that but control the teammates, so we are going to press in the same time on the left and right analog, and flick one more time the right analog or more times. By using the flicking of the right analog, you can browse your players to your teammates on the pitch. The advantage of creative runs is that you will be able to perfectly see where to move your player. Your teammate even though AI runs are better this year, sometimes will go into dead angles, you will be control them with creative runs, put them on the right path and eventually score a goal. 

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