FIDO (Fast Identity Online) – Functions, Benefits, and More



If you are using Huawei devices, you will find FIDO (Fast Identity Online) familiar. Today, you can install the FIDO APK too. FIDO itself is the way to provide the best security without creating inconvenience.

Password security alone will not fix the online security issues nowadays. Thus, using FIDO will help everybody to give stronger authentication by using local biometric from the user.

But is it necessary? What are the functions offered by Huawei through FIDO? Is there any benefit provided? Answers to these questions are available below.


As has been mentioned earlier, experts created and developed this feature for crucial reasons. Doing online activities has to be safe and secure for everybody.

Local biometric authentication

Installing FIDO APK allows you to activate local biometric authentication. This feature enhances better trustworthiness when it comes to using the integrity check as well as the key verification. Other than that, as its name suggests, the authentication is done through 3D face recognition, which aims to improve accuracy.

Verification of online identity

When logging in traditionally requires passwords, FIDO will not burden you with the difficulty to remember a strong password. The system will identify online users with cutting-edge technology.

Thus, logins and payments will not need to get through a password-filling process in the first place. The technology has a system integrated into the existing account infrastructure. Even though users don’t need to enter passwords, the entire thing is still confidential and safe.

How the service works

The system will run a pre-verification – this step will prevent any meddling in the biometric authentication. Later, users can run a secure login. The login process is fundamentally secure since it uses fingerprint or facial identifications. Thus, credential stuffing, leakage, and other risks from using passwords are prevented.

FIDO also authenticates users through a biometric system for in-app payments – for this part, users can decide whether or not a password is included.

Advantages of using FIDO


A safe space is needed to have the best online experience. Since everything is available online and the password is not that credible anymore, FIDO provides trustworthiness. The system integrity check from FIDO, along with key verification and 3D face recognition feature will provide safeguards authentication. Whether you are logging in to your email or having an in-app purchase, you don’t need to worry about cyber threats anymore.


Today, you don’t need to remember a lot of passwords. By using FIDO, you can use the biometric feature and roaming authenticator to access your password. The best part is that you are the password.

All-in-one solution

The app offers a series of specs that are easily integrated into the infrastructure of your account. This thing is such a solution that provides security, trustworthiness, and convenience at the same time.

Privacy protection

More importantly, FIDO is an app that strengthens privacy protection on the max level. Living in the internet era can be safe and not-safe at the same time. Using a reliable yet trustworthy app like the FIDO APK will give you total protection without losing convenience.