Feel the Girl Power with a Pair of Stylish Sneakers



While historically, sneakers have mostly been great collections associated with men, recent times have proven that women can rock a pair of clean-cut sneakers with any look. As a result, there is a significant shift in what is considered beautiful and appealing for women. This has resulted in more and more women swapping stilettos for women’s sneakers, looking for comfort in style. Reports show that there is a 35% growth in the sale of sneakers designed for women in just one year.

Many well-known brands had traditionally not taken women’s sizing and style needs into consideration while developing sneakers, but that is not the case anymore. Instead, brands like Frankie4, Allbirds, and Nike have taken initiatives to manufacture cool, comfortable sneaker collections for women as casuals, formal, and activewear. This shift is also a reflection of the change in society seen in terms of female empowerment and gender equality that is gaining the forefront.

Women’s Lifestyle Now and the Role Sneakers Play in It

Pursuing a healthy lifestyle for a fit body and mind is the norm right now. From eating the right kind of food, sleeping for the right amount, and working out to get the body in shape, climb a mountain, finish a marathon, build cars, or sail around the world, the life of women has become more healthy, active and dynamic on the field than ever before. And women’s sneakers have become tools for the same. But, unfortunately, many people experience aching heels, soles, and cramps by wearing inappropriately structured footwear. Having the right tool like a pair of good sneakers would ensure that they bring out their optimal selves and don’t hurt themselves in the process.

Sneakers are designed to take in that extra force in style with their strategically placed cushioning, shaped with soft luxurious leather in classic white or prints that stand out. Along with the addition they provide to the look, they make various casual and sporty activities from a walk in the park, a day at work, to a Friday night in a club comfortable.

How the Sneakers Trend Has Contributed to Societal Cohesion

The social fitness movement and the women’s sneakers culture has brought women out as some of the primary customers of sporty casual wear. As opposed to the generation before the current one, millennial girls are now taking part in indoor and outdoor exercises such as yoga, gym, spinning, and pilates in groups. This backstory has made sneakers a relatable product that brings a sense of inner empowerment as opposed to footwear like heels. In addition, celebrity endorsements for sneaker brands have brought about a great sense of community, activism, endorsement, and entrepreneurship among women, which is reflected in the current fashion trends and market sales.

What Makes for a Perfect Pair of Sneakers for Women? 

Truth be told, as with most other products, no one pair of sneakers would be perfect for all. Each woman would have their own unique needs, and there are numerous styles of sneakers available to heed to each of them; some might require more support, soles to support high or low arches, or as fashionwear. But there are a few qualities that one must look into while buying a new pair of sneakers, and those are its flexibility and weight, breathability, padding, fit, comfort, warranty, and return policies offered by the manufacturer.

Women looking for the right pair of women’s sneakers can always consult trusted stores, podiatrists, or a professional medical expert in sports to evaluate their needs and provide recommendations.

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