Factors To Consider When Choosing A Green Screen Background 

Green Screen Background

Green Screen Background

The green screen effects are a part of every movie scene. However, the accessibility and the usefulness of the green screen do not make it a practical purpose. In order to make the most of this compositing technology for the films, you need to know how to make the best use of it.

Reasons to use green screen technology:

There may be days when you may be forced to stay indoors but that does not mean that the disagreeable water should mar your shooting schedule. Besides, the high cost of outdoor shooting and the hassles of carrying the equipment to distant locations may compel you to shoot outdoors. When delaying the shooting schedule is out of question, using the green screen technology is one of the best choices to make.

Things to consider:

Once you decide to use the green screen background, it is necessary to consider several factors in mind. Here is what you need to know.

  • Functionality of the green screen

The green screen functions based on a process called chroma keying in which you need to isolate a specific color before turning it transparent. Therefore, you can segregate the green screen using the best editing software and eliminate the green color completely and any image or footage in the transparent area.

  • Using the green screen

Before you go on to use the green screens and achieve optimum results, you need to consider the following aspects:

  1. The green screen needs to be properly illuminated to reflect a consistent brightness across the area you intend to use as it helps in the removal of shadows that may eventually result in darker and deeper shades of green in specific areas.
  2. When there are different shades of green used during video and film making, the editing software fails to differentiate and faces difficulty in understanding the green screen background in films and videos.
  3. Try to figure out the kind of image or footage you plan to use when replacing the green background as it lets you know at what stage of the shot you are in. What you need is to interact with the background in a persuading manner during the creation of the green careen video.
  4. You must focus on what to wear as the editing software is going to turn everything new to a transparent option. Not only the clothes you put on but the accessories and the nail paint are the other options to consider.

Things to consider:

It is indeed crucial to plan ahead the final scene and the main goal of the video and film maker is determining the real and unreal elements in the screen. Or instance, if you are using green screen for a complex shoot including several layers of green screen, you need to create a proper guide to make things look easy. The main considerations when shooting with a green screen is calculating the size of the objet you need. For instance, you may not use the same material for everything, for instance, the material used for car photography is likely to be different. So calculate the options well ahead before implementing the green screen effect.