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Explore Meme Marketing Tips to Promote Your Brand & Boost Conversions

Explore Meme Marketing Tips to Promote Your Brand & Boost Conversions

Explore Meme Marketing Tips to Promote Your Brand & Boost Conversions

Memes are an immensely popular form of expression on the digital platform. They have gained phenomenal traction for multiple reasons. Firstly, they are best for going hand-in-hand and complementing almost all social media platforms that help them in spreading like wildfire. Secondly, users demonstrate a pretty short attention span while browsing online. Hence, memes are an ideal medium for fast consumption because they seem to be concise and to the point.

Memes are supposed to be an effective representation of ideas, and they keep spreading from one person to another, and they go about involving a touch of human creativity. According to Forbes, memes and especially Internet memes generally refer to a specific story, a phrase, a quote, a picture, or a video that has the versatility to spread across the web and have a life span of its very own. The term meme features in a book published in 1976, with an interesting title ‘The Selfish Gene’ written by Richard Dawkins. He defined memes as units of cultural information that are passed between people. Typically a meme is a photograph or image accompanied by a funny or entertaining, or ironic caption. Even though memes are known to have several diverse permutations, outstanding and effective memes could be identified almost instantaneously.

Here are some expert tips to follow if you wish to take your brand’s meme marketing to the next level

Just like any other type of humorous content, using memes to boost your brand could prove to be a wee bit risky affair. You do not wish to use an offensive joke or a poorly created joke to end up confusing or driving away your audience. Hence, it is a great idea to follow some expert tips and meme marketing best practices for an impressive outcome.

Know & Understand Your Target Audience

You need to know your precise target audience and understand their psyche or mindset. It is a wise move to do a bit of research before deciding whether memes are right for your business or brand. In this context, you should realize that memes are generated and shared primarily by younger audiences. In the event your marketing campaign is meant for an older target audience, you should realize that they may not be having a mental frame to follow your memes and understand the underlying humor. Rest assured, in such a case, your meme marketing could be a total flop. Know your audience and accordingly step up your meme marketing campaigns.

Avoid Going Overboard

Memes have their charm and they could be used to enhance your brand’s promotion and marketing campaigns. They have proved to be phenomenally effective provided you do not go overboard and use them sparingly. Memes in the right context and the right dose could prove to be incredibly effective. Moreover, remember that timing is the key. If you keep using memes, now and then, their impact would be adversely affected, and your target audience will be bored stiff. Choose the best memes from Meme Scout.

Generate Original Content

Memes should have a fresh original flavor. Originality can never be compromised or replaced. Memes could prove to be a wonderful addition to your content. You simply cannot always depend on them. Just memes without any content could make no sense in the long run. Remember memes may backfire if marketers are not using them with caution. Focus on the tone that you would be used for conveying your brand’s message. Be thoughtful and careful. Irony and sarcasm cannot be expressed well via text, and that could culminate in utter confusion or misunderstanding among your target audience.


Meme marketing could be a success if you conduct ample research and study different brands and the outcomes of their meme marketing efforts. Go through at least 50 best memes and assess all the parameters. Seek feedback from others and make a decision carefully and with some caution.