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Top features to look in an employee attendance management system

employee attendance management system

employee attendance management system

In modern-day we are witnessing a wide variety of changes within the entire office setup. With the advancements of the internet and the rise of globalization, offices are moving out of their traditional setup. There are onboard employees, remote employees and on-field employees as well. However, the new age office culture brings in new-age problems with them. With so many employees scattered around different locations, it gets really hard to monitor their working hours. That is when an employee attendance software becomes essential for a company to invest in. The software will not only make the entire tracking and monitoring process a lot easier for the HRs but will also help them in processing the payroll of individual employees in an accurate manner. 

Features to look out for in an employee attendance management system

employee attendance software

employee attendance software

In case you are planning to invest in an employee attendance management system for the first time, finding the perfect solution that would cater to your requirements might be a more complex task than you had expected. Here we have curated certain points that you must check out before making a final decision. 

1.Biometric Integration

Employing a large group and monitoring their individual clock-in and out time is quite a hectic process to take care of. Employee attendance management systems compatible with biometric devices will solve the entire issue. Look out for software that supports external devices capable of face recognition, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), fingerprint recognition, retina scan and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. Thus preventing employee time thefts and chances of proxy attendance.   

2. Employee Self Service

Employee self-service module is a must-have feature within an attendance management software. It offers autonomy to individual employees, enabling them to track their working hours and overtime history. Moreover, the feature also facilitates easy communication between individual employees and the HR team, allowing them to make requests for leave without actually making a visit in person. This feature is very important in case you are working with remote teams. The same is also true for managers who need to keep a tab on the attendance of the team and resolve anomalies accordingly. This kind of feature will increase the involvement of employees and reduce the workload of managers as they will have fewer irregularities to resolve later while finalizing the attendance sheet. 

3. Payroll Integration

An employee attendance software that does not support your company’s payroll setup might not turn out to be beneficial for your business. Do invest in HR software that has a payroll management feature of its own and can calculate the approved time-offs and applied leaves of individual employees with ease. Thus helping the HR and audit team of your organisation to process the entire payroll by the end of the month in a hassle-free manner. 

4. Calendar Integration

Employee attendance software that can be integrated with online calendars like Outlook, Google Calendar will ensure even distribution of work schedule within your organisation. Further, HRs can easily check out the attendance of an individual employee directly from the calendar. It will also facilitate easy collaboration among individual employees working in large teams.  

5. Reporting

Reports based on the monthly attendance of individual employees is very crucial for both the employees and the management. Software offering detailed reports based on the total working hours, applied leaves, missed days and more is a must thing to look out for. Also, the available reports must be in an exportable form, facilitating easy management.    

6.Mobile accessibility

Software with a dedicated mobile application of their own is a real game-changer. Remote employees and field workers can easily clock-in and out, using the dedicated app on their smartphone without having to worry about the system cloud being abused. Further, the mobile application equipped with advanced GPS technology will also act as an essential mode of communication between your employees and the managers within your organisation. Thus enabling them to track the actual location and working hours of individual employees in an accurate manner.  



Final words

In order to facilitate smooth functioning within an organisation, it is essential to install an effective attendance management solution. There is no denying that organizations with a high attendance rate signifies an excellent work culture and also reflects the diligence of the employees. On the other hand, low attendance indicates that there is a problem in the work culture of the organization or with the attitude of the employees. As we know that every leave costs the organization time and money, so monitoring the attendance record will indeed reflect the time-management and cost-effectiveness of the organization. Therefore, any attendance management with all the features mentioned above is sure to serve an organization in an effective and positive manner. Here’s hoping that the points mentioned were beneficial for you and were able to provide proper guidance.