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Elements of an Employee ID card

Employee ID cards have become a massive part of the business world. It helps the company not only in the security aspect but also gives the company free-marketing. Hence employee ID card is a small investment for more significant benefits. 

However, before you make an employee ID card, here are some components that should be a part of that ID card.

1. Logo of your company

The ID card should have your company’s logo. It will give your employee instant identification in a group of people. It would also be beneficial to add a holographic image of your logo to the card. The holographic image will act as a security feature. By adding this feature, you will prevent from being produced.

2. Consistent design 

All employee ID cards should have the same design features. Their text, element placing, and shape should be the same. Put in the time to carefully ad security features while you design the employee ID card. The card design should be simple so that it can be instantly read. A complicated card is unattractive and will look unprofessional. 

3. The orientation of the card 

The orientation of the card will heavily depend on how your employees will use the card.  If it is for marketing, then most companies keep their card vertical, and the employee name highlighted enough so that the customer can read it easily. If the card is for swiping, then the card should be horizontal.  

4. Employee portrait 

The photograph of the employee on the ID card should be visible enough for identification. The photo makes the card of each employee unique and also acts as a useful security feature. 

5. Card material 

The cards should be made of PVC. This material will make the card durable, and the fake ID card makers will find it expensive to buy and replicate the cards. Also, there is a need for a particular printer to print information on the card made of this material.

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6. Encoded data 

You can also add a magnetic stripe, barcode, smart chips, and RIFD cards on employee cards. These elements will contain all encoded data of the employee. The card can be swiped across a machine that will record the employee’s entrance and exit time—helping businesses ensure that their employee is all working for the time they are being paid for. 

7. Signature 

If you feel that the photo is not enough, you can include the employee’s signature on it. In case of doubt, the security person can tell the employee to sign. Even the most trained professionals find it hard to duplicate a signature when asked to do that at the last moment. This security act has effectively caught many fraudulent. Get more information about where to buy California fake id.

8. Information on card 

The card has little space, so you need to select which information should be on the card. The information displayed should be relevant in terms of identification and security. If you want to add more details, you can add them to the magnetic stripe, chip, or barcode of the card. 

Make sure that your employee id card has all these elements before you finalize one and send them off for printing. A missing component in the card will reduce its benefit to your business.