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One of the most modern and popular e-commerce platforms is Magento. Right now, this CMS has about one million active users. The platform enjoys significant popularity not only among large corporations but also proved to be useful for small companies. The sharp rise in popularity can be easily explained when you first get to know Magento – the platform is equipped with a huge number of different plugins that can bring any business idea to life.

Features of website development on Magento

The main distinguishing feature of website development on Magento is its open-source code, which provides users with the flexibility to customize their e-commerce stores. For experienced professionals, several ready-made modules are provided. Magento has shown itself to be excellent at work, regardless of the size of the company and its specialization.

CMS Magento was originally designed for online stores, which is confirmed by the functionality and features of the “engine”. Among the distinctive features of the platform, a large set of analytics and marketing tools deserves special attention, which can affect the increase in sales and maintain a loyal image among the audience. The system is able to adapt to the specifics of search engines and maintains SEO-friendliness.

Magento features a large number of shipping and payment modules. A huge plus will be multilingualism, multicurrency, and adaptability to any gadgets. The customer’s personal account has a wide range of various functions, the user can quickly and easily leave reviews, ratings, add products to favorites and wishlists. Users have the opportunity to independently change the options for displaying products, use the capabilities of flexible filters for a faster and more convenient search for the required products.

CMS Magento Advantages

Open-source software is the main strength of Magento. Due to this feature, developers are able to create high-quality and unique web resources. In addition, the following advantages should be highlighted:

  • adaptability to any electronic devices;
  • the maximum loading speed of any pages;
  • a large selection of modules and templates;
  • there are different levels of access for resource administrators;
  • regular updates and high-quality technical support.

With all the advantages, it should be borne in mind that Magento is not the simplest platform, therefore, its implementation will require highly qualified specialists with a sufficient level of knowledge and skills. Magento custom development is a rather complicated process, but if it is implemented correctly, you can quickly evaluate its benefits by your own example.