Cooking Crush

Are you bored of lying around in your house with nothing to do? How long has it been since you last opened Instagram? It is easy to feel sick and tired of the same old stuff but what can you do to pass time? Well, one thing is for sure, you can make any moment better with food.

Not everyone is a great cool unfortunately. However, this does not mean that we give up. Practice makes perfect, and it is a better way to pass time than learning a new skill! This is why I decided to get out of my comfort zone and finally face my fear of the kitchen. With zero previous skills, I entered the battleground. I downloaded the latest and best cooking frenzy, Cooking Crush from the Google App Store on my Android phone.

Cooking Crush is absolutely FREE

The game was free which is why I was skeptical at first but they sure did prove me wrong! From the very first moment, I was mesmerized by the excellent graphics of this smooth-running kitchen game.

Flowmotion Entertainment Inc. has really outdone itself! Co-piloted by Dario Pavan and Ryan Yada, they have wowed the globe with their dozens of games, and have gathered over 30 million downloads. The innovators started their journey back in 2014 and 6 years later, they have decided to introduce a new member to represent their family, Cooking Crush – a modern kitchen game.

Live the experience in this interactive game

The game started with a chaperone to introduce me to the norms and help me learn the ropes. I had to serve easy breakfast items like toast, toast with whipped cream and coffee. It seemed easy enough. The amazing sound effects of coffee pouring from a coffee machine and the sizzling of crispy toast made me feel like I was actually living the experience. Both the amazing graphic and high quality sound effects made it very vivid. This threw me off and as I finished more and more orders, I felt like it was a challenge for me to keep up.

Learn how to manage time

Running a restaurant isn’t an easy job, especially when you have to keep one eye on the changing orders and one eye on the food so it does not get overcooked. Moreover, customer satisfaction must be maintained by serving their order in the quickest time possible. It was difficult for me at first, and I even had a customer leave because of that. Nonetheless, I persisted and with time, I was able to improve my time-management skills.

Improve your skills with Flowmotion

What kept me captivated was the desire to hone my skills and improve myself. The endless options of food dishes was also a reason. It amazes me at how much effort was put into this game. I have heard Flowmotion Entertainment Inc. has released various new cooking games and time-management games before too. I am sure they must be quite the catch as I am so glad I came across this game. However, Cooking Crush is brand new so it must surpass all previous games in fluidity, graphics, effects and variety. Just like my cooking skills, Flowmotion has also improved their game over time.

Run a culinary empire with increased experience

Cooking Crush has more than 1050 levels to play. Set in the city of Heartopia, you can become the chef and run over 10 different restaurants:

  • Crème Cafe
  • Dream Deli
  • Salty Taverna
  • Party Parlor
  • Rockin’ Diner
  • Crazy Cantina
  • Donut Den
  • Tandoori Treasure
  • Perfect Pie
  • Cake Corner

Final verdict – we have a crush on Cooking Crush

Cooking Crush is the hippest kitchen game of 2020, surpassing all with its uniqueness. I had a wonderful experience playing this game. In fact, I am not finished. I still have many levels to go. You can also download this game from the following links: