Clear Aligners vs traditional braces

In this article, we will show you the advantages and disadvantages of using traditional braces and clear aligners so that you can get a good idea of ​​which is the most appropriate treatment for you.

The best and worst of traditional braces

Traditional braces have been available on the market for a long time and do the job well. These concealers are more eye-catching, which may be good for some, but not for most.

The good thing about traditional braces is that they are cheaper. They are braces that stay attached to the surface of the teeth and are fixed, they do not come off, which is good for forgetful or poorly disciplined patients who do not complete their treatment properly when they use removable braces. They are effective in correcting the smile and work relatively quickly, so patients are highly motivated to see the evolution and progress of dental correction. They can also be customized to the taste of each patient as there are several models and colours to choose from.

As they are not removable, dental hygiene can become more complicated, and it can be difficult to adjust to eating with them for the first few months. Some patients may even develop wounds on the inside of the cheeks and gums. All of these downsides are what prompted the emergence of clear aligners like the Clear brand.

Clear, the invisible aligners. Pros and cons

Clear is an invisible aligner option that instead of using metal uses a transparent and totally invisible plastic that corrects the teeth in the same way and can be removed to eat as long as you use it for the rest of the day. It is recommended that a minimum of 22 hours a day be used, staying 2 hours for breakfast, lunch, dinner and brushing your teeth after each intake.

One of the biggest advantages of this orthodontic treatment is that it does not irritate your cheeks or your gums, it will not give you problems eating or drinking, and it is much easier to keep your teeth, gums and mucous membranes clean.

But not everything is perfect, and we know of some disadvantages that you should know before thinking about treatment with transparent Clear liners. To begin with, the fact that it is removable makes it a bad option if you are not disciplined or are very forgetful since if you do not wear it most of the day the treatment will not have a correct effect, the correction process will be delayed. in time and even, the final result will not be as expected.

There are also some patients with more complex dental problems for whom invisible aligners are not recommended. For this reason, although Clear is one of the most requested invisible braces in the world, ​​you should consult with your orthodontist to find out if you are a candidate to use this new invisible orthodontic treatment option.