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Cheap resume writing service Vs. the expensive one



Every job seeker encounters resume writing services, sooner or later. You might see their advertising or hear about someone’s real experience of using analogous websites. If this information inspires you to order a CV, a cover letter, or any other document for career promotion, you will have to opt for a suitable online agency. Whether you think about a cheap CV writing service such as or consider a more expensive variant, you must make a thoughtful decision. Since it is a matter of your future professional path, pay enough attention to the choice. This post implies a short guide on how to decide between affordable and high prices when looking for an appropriate resume writing company.

Cheap CV writing services or high-priced online help?

The competition between writing companies is rather strong today. That is why you can find thousands of variants starting from cheap resume writers and up to premium professional specialists. One might be puzzled about such a big diversity of services, so we offer our step-by-step plan to determine the most suitable online agency.

  1. What are your priorities?

The decision to order affordable resume writing services cannot be spontaneous. It arises from the need to find a job. Meantime, there are various purposes in this deal. Someone strives to get an invitation to the job interview at one of the top UK or US companies. The other one wants to get hired in the shortest terms. There are applicants who simply need to publish a brilliant resume on the job search website. And, finally, a resume can be just a formality. Say, the employer is ready to give you a job offer, yet he/she needs this document because of the corporate culture.

Expert advice. The greatest goals require the most effective tools of achievement. Choose premium services if you have big plans, unique conditions, or any special terms. For example, you want to become part of the Google team, have a resume due today, or need a creative design.

  1. What is your professional level?

The highest professional accomplishments deserve to be presented in the best light. If you are a middle-level specialist and upper, invest in premium resume writing services. Their certified specialists are well-versed in all the nuances of resumes and demonstrate your strengths in accordance with employers’ expectations. On the contrary, there is no sense to hire high-priced experts if you apply to an entry-level position. As a newcomer, you probably have minimum experience and skills. Besides, employers are not so critical about candidates applying to junior positions. In this case, you’d better opt for a cheap CV writing service. Thus, you do not pay much, and, meanwhile, get a decent result.

  1. What is your budget?

The financial issue always matters, especially if you are an entry-level specialist without a stable income.  Make sure you can afford to purchase a resume for $1000. For most people, such a high price is too much. Career consultants do not recommend spending more than $500 if your annual salary is less than $40,000.

The money you give for a resume is a sort of investment, so analyze if it is worth spending much to buy it. A middle ground can be an optimal solution for you in this case. It could be a sum that is not burdensome for you at the moment, and, besides, it has to pay off in the nearest months.

  1. Do you have any experience in writing resumes?

If you are an expert at writing resumes, you obviously do not need any online writers and consultants, especially the expensive ones. And if it is your first time when you have to write a resume, turn to professionals for help. Start with middle prices. Thus, you will get a good result for a modest price.

All in all, expensive services are justified if you have valuable information to present to your future employer. Resume writers can formulate your accomplishments so that they sound perfect for HR managers. Still, these specialists cannot make up any information on your education, skills, talents, etc. They have to work with a limited number of facts from your biography. Outstanding specialists and talented wordsmiths are not magicians; they cannot turn a minimal set of achievements into a splendid job-winning resume.

Every coin has two sides. We often forget about this fact when choosing between expensive and cheap services. Unfortunately, there are fraudulent companies that position themselves as “premium” or “low-cost” services, but they are not. Pay attention to the following two principles in order not to become a scam victim.

Expensive resume writing services have to be worth the price

The cost of premium resume writing services can start from $500. You have to understand why you pay this sum of money. Every reputable company can explain what they take money for. For instance, it could be:

  • an in-depth analysis of your employability skills,

  • studying trends in your professional field,

  • ATS-friendly resume (contains modern keywords),

  • adaptation of the resume to the specific job descriptions,

  • additional consultations and support,

  • translation of the resume into other languages, etc.

An affordable price should not imply low quality

$100 and less is considered a modest price for the resume. Still, it does not mean that you get a zero result, lose your money or private data. Ask the company about the guarantees they provide. For instance, there can be a money-back opportunity if they do not meet the deadline. As a rule, a legal custom writing agency publishes its terms of use on the website (you can find this information near the footer in most cases).

Learn the answers to the following questions in advance.

  • Will my resume be written without grammar mistakes?

  • Can your resume writer give me any guarantees concerning the quality of the service?

  • Is it possible to consider my own preferences while composing a resume?

  • What if I do not receive my resume on time?

To top it all

Obviously, you must not restrict your choice to two variants only: the cheapest or the most expensive one. Find the company providing an optimal ration between an affordable price, high-quality service, and fast implementation. Having analyzed your career aspirations, financial opportunities, employability skills, and the urgency of getting a resume, you will easily determine your priorities and make a well-considered decision.