Bigger Azeroth, Better User Experience: Must-Have AddOns for WoW Burning Crusade Classic

WoW Classic Addons

WoW Classic Addons

WoW Burning Crusade Classic is coming sometime later this year, but it does not hurt to be prepared as early as now. A good way to do that would be by installing add-ons. In fact, just like WoW Classic bags, they will help you not just when the expansion rolls out, but even in the current game.


A good place to start would be a quest helper. To be more specific, we recommend Questie. While it may seem redundant to play WoW Classic and then get a quality-of-life improvement through an add-on, a quest helper is a huge aid to players without really taking away the novelty of the game version.

With Questie, you’ll be able to find all the quest-giving NPCs in the map you’re in, as well as tell you what their requirements are. Don’t worry about installing it, as it doesn’t consume much disk storage space. Plus, it’s customizable.

pfUI and Bartender 

WoW’s user interface isn’t exactly bad. Nevertheless, it still has room for improvement. Unfortunately, you can’t exactly redesign it for the better, or at least so that it would suit your needs. Or rather, you can’t without an add-on, that is.

For that, there are two add-ons you can choose from: Bartender and pfUI. Bartender is the simpler choice, as its focus is on the action bars. The action bars are among vanilla UI’s rooms for improvement, as players will be given a vertical bar instead of a second horizontal bar if they managed to fill up the first one. The latter, on the other hand, is the more advanced of the two, as it allows you to completely edit your UI however you please. It’s more complicated, but that comes with the territory.

If it is only the action bars you are dissatisfied with, then Bartender should be good enough for you. If you’re unhappy with other things, then you should go for pfUI.


A map add-on is rather helpful, as WoW Classic’s map has two problems. First is that it eats up your entire screen. Rather than have a mini-map, you’ll have to open it, keep in mind the directions you have to take, and then open it again once you become unsure if you’re still on the right path. It’s a tedious process, especially when farming WoW Classic gold.

Another problem of the in-game map is that it’s not shared across characters. So if one of your characters have already explored a particular area, it’s going to be hidden in the map of a character that haven’t been there yet.

To get around that problem, the Cartographer is a good choice. Aside from allowing you to switch between a full-screen and a mini-map, it also lets you see the entire map of Azeroth, as well as dungeon and raid maps even when you’re not there. This allows you and your static (if they have this, that is, and they should) to plan raids in advance.

Deadly Boss Mods 

Speaking of planning in advance, the Deadly Boss Mods is the add-on for that when it comes to taking on bosses. It allows you to be some kind of a clairvoyant by showing you certain timers for boss abilities. With this, you’ll be able to plan your moves a few minutes or seconds in advance.

Burning Crusade Classic will have more difficult bosses. This isn’t just because Burning Crusade is a more advanced content and therefore have stronger bosses, but also because Blizzard has noticed that WoW Classic players are doing all too well against them. WoW Classic bosses weren’t made easier than their Vanilla counterparts; it’s just that Classic players are simply better. To give them the much-needed challenge, Blizzard decided to give players the pre-nerfed versions of bosses in Burning Crusade Classic.

Don’t be cocky. If you plan on taking on these bosses, it’s recommended that you and the rest of your static to have this add-on.


Last but not the least would be a threat meter. A good example of this is Omen. It allows you to see how much aggro you and other party members are getting. This is a must-have not just for the tank, but also for the party leader. Two birds in one stone if the tank is also the party leader. Or better yet, instead of the party leader constantly watching for the aggro, maybe all members of the static should install this as well.

It’s hard to enjoy WoW’s first expansion for the first time ever or for the first time again when you have one too many worries. Thankfully, these mods will slash those problems away.