Best way to play Mr and Mrs game in 2020

Best way to play Mr and Mrs game in 2020

Best way to play Mr and Mrs game in 2020

Weddings are a great experience for the bride, groom, and their family and friends as well. It’s a beautiful ceremony where you perform the holy rituals and become each other’s better halves, it’s the time when you promise each other to love one another for the whole life.

But weddings are not only about love and ceremonies, but it’s also about having fun. And your friends and family are looking for the day keeping in mind that they are gonna enjoy to the fullest. So here comes the responsibility of a host! You will have to make the reception and food phenomenal that everyone enjoys it. In order to do that, couples play several games or make their guests play one as well (sometimes).

The newlywed are the most important people on this day, so they should be the center of attraction right! That’s why we are introducing one such game, which is called Mr. And Mrs. Game. It is played by the bride and groom and the guests enjoy their chemistry as well as several insights too.

So if you don’t know about the game, we are introducing how to play Mr and Mrs Questions Game! Take a look:-

What is Mr. and Mrs. Game?

The game is played between the newlywed couple, here they are asked several questions and in order to answer that, that has yo raise the props which says, Mr. Or Mrs. Remember the questions should start with Who!

How to play the Mr. and Mrs. Game?

It’s a pretty simple game actually. All you can take two chairs and place them at the back of each other. The chairs are going to be used by the couple. Couples should not be seeing each other. Now the couple will be asked questions by anyone who is close to them or whomever they chose.

They should have two separate board/prop or just one which says Mrs. on one side and Mr. on the other side. They can use any prop they want, but it should resemble one of them!

The person will ask the question which starts with who! For example, he can ask who is more romantic? If the man is more romantic they will raise the sign which says Mr. And vice versa for the woman!

It’s pretty simple but one of the most fun games that you can play at your reception party to entertain your guest as well as enjoy your special day.

Some tips for the game:- 

  • Chose the person who is great with the audience and entertaining to ask the question to have more fun with the game.
  • Place the chairs in the center of the stage
  • Choose the questions yourself or trust someone else to do that. You don’t want to embrace yourself in front of everyone with the wrong question.
  • Just have fun with the game!

So this was our article for how to play the Mr and Mrs game and we hope you found it helpful. This is the most fun wedding game and everyone kinda look forward to it.