Best News App That You Should Download To Keep You Update at All Times

In this modern age, it’s fascinating how technology has evolved to help us in any possible way. It’s way better now than what it used to be. Technology helped us gain access to news not only in your local country but also around the world. We can keep up with the current news that is happening around the world. With just a few clicks, we can now see what’s happening.

Today, we now have certain apps that tell us what’s specific event is happening at a particular place. These apps automatically show us what it’s all about without having to open it. We can get updated every day wherever we are. With the use of smartphones, we can download these apps and have the news waiting for us in our pockets.

In this article, we will tell you the best news app that you can download and use. Most of these apps will surely help you and keep you updated at all times. These apps are also reliable sources of information, so you don’t have to worry about getting some fake news. Here are the best apps to help you keep up with the current news and events.

Apple News

If you are using an iPhone, this app is undeniably the best news app that you can use. If you are a huge fan of Apple, you have probably noticed that the new generation iPhone’s already have the Apple News pre-installed. It will give you all of the latest and relevant news there is around the world.

To ensure that their news is legitimate, Apple News gets its content from various news sources. You also have an option that shows information that is specifically curated by editors. This way, it lets you see the latest content and headlines from a specialized editor. If you’re looking for more, Apple also offers a premium content with 300 magazines for $9.99.


Flipboard is also one of the most popular apps you can find today. They are known to have the most engaging and exciting user interface. They have an extensive library of articles for you to read, and it gives you a host of topics that you might want to follow. The app is available on Microsoft, macOS, Android, and iOS.

CNN News

CNN is a widely known news channel that is also popular around the world. CNN was the first-ever channel to offer 24hours of cable news. As you have noticed, most of the news channels today have adapted the use of mobile. So, CNN decided to create an app. If you’re looking for a great news app, you should think about CNN News.

Inside the app, you will immediately see news stories with photos and headlines to instantly catch your eye. The app has a wide variety of articles and stories that will interest you. They also have original content that you will not see anywhere else. When it comes to news coverage, they use video as a medium to give you a better feel of the news.

BBC News

If you are still in doubt, BBC News might be the best news app that you should go for. BBC News is also one of the most respected news organization that delivers news with an unbiased view. BBC News is also a popular news channel all around the world. They are dedicated to bringing you the latest news and events that are happening right now.

The app gives you the latest news from every corner of the world at a glance. They even have a live-stream channel right in the app, that’s if you don’t like reading so much. It will also show curated news based on your personalization. The app will also alert you when urgent news comes up to keep you updated at all times.


Now, we can get updated with the latest news at all times thanks to these reliable apps. We have a source of reliable information right in our pockets. The news apps are not only limited to what was mentioned above, as there is still plenty of news app that you will on the internet.