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6 Best Instagram Ads and Stories Creating Applications

Best Instagram Ads and Stories Templates

Best Instagram Ads and Stories Templates

Act4apps – Instagram is one of the best app and known for most growing photo sharing social media platforms. Not only youngsters, but now many parents also using Instagram.

One of the exciting features of Instagram is Instagram Story. Instagram stories or Instagram ads have used for many purposes. Instagram users are getting benefits from this feature by share moments with friends and buddies. Some even use this feature for their business purposes.

If you’re a fan of Instagram, you might start to understand that making interesting and up-to-date Instagram stories isn’t an easy job. You have to add the right sticker, apply the appropriate filter, and place polished animated text in such a way.

But more importantly, you have to be creative with your story to make it beautiful and attractive as well as there are already lots of apps that offer a fresh Instagram Story template for different purposes.

Listed below are 6 Instagram Story templates application review by SolutionHow

1. Creatorkit

The first is Creatorkit, which is the most suitable for all kinds of Instagram users, and they have many attractive templates, including Instagram ads templates, Instagram stories templates, etc., according to your interest. Whether you want to make a story about your trip or to post about your latest beach adventure, it has all of the templates that fit for your story. Everything is the ideal with the ideal color combination with multifunction.

The interface in this application is enough. Frames are categorized so that you don’t have to scroll deep to find the elements you require.

All you have to do is choose one template and add a picture from the cell phone or using your gallery. Some templates even allow you to modify existing text.

When finished, save the image to the mobile gallery and post with using the proper hashtag. Creatorkit has free and paid templates, but fortunately, many of them are free.

2. Unfold

IOS users who wish to experiment with new and unique stories can try to Unfold. This app has around 4.9 ratings on the App Store. And according to its position, this delightful little application has lots of great templates.

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From classic Polaroid frames to elegant retro film frames, it presents a good deal of styles. You can create a single story for Instagram in massive quantities in this application.

You can also add your text. When finished, save the story, and you can publish it on Instagram. Unfold has around 25 free templates and about 90 premium templates.

3. Selfissimo

Selfissimo isn’t an ordinary template application. But you will love this application because of the unconventional means of capturing selfies. This program by Google automatically captures various selfies in various poses and paste them in a retro-style film roll.

All you have to do is adjust the color blocks, and create a contemporary Instagram story. The ability to shoot black and white naturally enhances each of your color photos daily.

4. Canva

Canva is huge because of its impressive set of features. Starting from switching basic Instagram fonts or wanting to include special quotations, Canva is so versatile. This program is free on the App Store and Play Store.

However, when it comes to templates, Canva does not disappoint. This feature gives you various categories to choose from, such as Summer, Travel, or Quotation. Canva has paid and free templates both.

Once you select one, all the fantastic templates will be presented. You may save a background image or choose one from the gallery.

You can even change the font style, add your text, and several other cool features. In a nutshell, Canva is a must-have app for Instagram fans.

5. PhotoGrid

If you are looking for an application to turn your brand on Instagram, Insta Story is the ideal application for users. We can say that this application doesn’t have an impressive gallery-like Canva, but you can be sure that this application fulfills your needs.

This application has an attractive graphic for Instagram stories. So it would help if you spent time scrolling to get the ideal Instagram template.

Insta Story enables users to change background pictures, colors, adjust shadows, and such. You can give a little art through this application. This application contains a mixture of paid and free templates, similar to the previous applications.

6. Story Maker

The final application is the Story Maker. This one is very similar to Insta Story and provides you with an impressive selection of templates. Interestingly, there is a Brush feature that allows users to show off portraits in a different light. More importantly, this program carries special filters to enhance images and photos.

This Story Maker template is free of charge. However, this application will display ads after you choose a template to edit. If you’re okay with this, Story Maker is one of the best app for Instagram beginners.

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