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Best External Graphics Card MSI GUS II

Looking up for an external graphics card for your laptop is not a new idea. What’s new with the MSI GUS II (Graphics Update II program) is that it connects via Thunderbolt interface. No wait, that was not just good, it’s really finished with the latest Sony VAIO Z. Sony calls one a “Power Media Dock” and it houses not only the GPU but also optical drive. The word “power” in the title is also a relative term, since the integrated GPU Radeon HD 6650M is a mobile phone.

The whole idea of ​​an external graphics dates back to AMD XGP box, which is shipped with some Fujitsu laptop and monumental failure in each and every way. Much better options have been offered for some time in the form of instruments ViDock Village. If you are looking for best turntables under 1000 dollars so you can buy from online platform easily.

In any case, MSI GUS II allows you to attach a decent graphics card desktop via Thunderbolt port which may not exist on your laptop unless it is a Mac (and to make matters worse it does not support OS X at this time being). On the downside, it will not be able to house the fastest graphics card as it was limited to 75 Watts provided by the built-in PCI-Express (high-finish card needs at least 1 75 W connector if not two).

As far as the idea of ​​attaching an external GPU box for your laptop is not too favorable, but some users may find the idea interesting. Most of all, though, a certain technology journalists seem to find the idea of ​​sensational. The problem (or one of the problems at least) with an external graphics solutions is a striking truth that it is not portable. So unless you want to carry it around the box along with your thin and light laptop, it still does not change the low-end ultraportable gaming laptop you become.

That said, obviously there are some users who do not mind getting a piece of hardware outside their laptops, so it is not entirely useless. But according to my crystal ball will not produce a good smashing this time about either.