The Benefits of Neon Signs

Neon Signs

Neon Signs

In the advertising industry, neon signs use bright LED lights, which contain special rarefied, low-carbon gases called argon, to produce short, high-intensity pulses of light which are visible to the human eye. They were first displayed at a motor show in December 1910 by French Georges Claude at an exhibition of new automobiles.

Neon Signs History

Neon signs have been around since the early 20th century when they were first used for billboards. The reason for their use was due to their relatively cheap cost of production and their ability to remain visible even in direct sunlight. The popularity of neon has increased over the years due to the numerous uses of these signs, especially for outdoor displays.

Custom Neon Signs

If you want customized neon signs according to your size, design and font requirement. So you can use them in your shp, business place, home, bedroom, garden or anywhere but in customized shape and fonts with color options. So you can easily find online custom neon signs platform, those websites can help you choose your own size, font, design and other options before ordering your neon sign. For more details about custom neon signs platform website you can check Echoneon. Echoneon is leading custom neon signs website.

Neon Signs Types

There are several types of neon sign, each with their own unique features and attributes. One of the most commonly seen neon signs today is a single sign placed at either end of a street. This type of neon sign is called a “crosswalk” sign. A sidewalk sign does not display any information, but merely serves as a warning for drivers to yield to pedestrians.

Marketing with Neon Signs

Neon signs can also be used to convey information about a product. One such sign is called a “sale sign”. A sale sign will display information such as the date the sign was erected, the location of the product display, its price, and where the company offers the product. You can find more neon signs at smithersostamford.

Advertisement Element

Neon signs can also be used for advertising. For example, a neon sign can be placed on the side of a building to warn passersby about the presence of potential customers, while another sign can be placed near a door or window to display a phone number or address so a customer can contact the company directly.

Neon signs can be a bit different from conventional banners or posters. Instead of using standard shapes, like circles, squares and rectangles, neon signs use a variety of colors to create an interesting visual effect. They are most commonly used on highways and main thoroughfares, but can also be found along major shopping malls.

Low Priced but Effective Advertisement and Marketing

Neon signs also provide a cheap way for companies to advertise their products. Since they are so affordable, they can make a large advertising budget. The cost of a single neon sign can vary widely based on the type, size, design and material used. For example, a simple sign made of a plain colored vinyl can cost upwards of $200, while a larger, more elaborate neon sign made of black PVC can cost several thousand dollars.

In addition to being a low-cost way to advertise, neon signs offer a unique aesthetic appeal that other forms of advertising do not have. When these signs are installed in a public area, they are attractive enough to keep pedestrians looking long after they have left the area. 

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Durable and Easy to install

Neon signs are also very practical because they are extremely durable and easy to install. Most are designed to be removed and replaced without requiring structural changes. Unlike regular posters and banners, the neon sign cannot become damaged, chipped or faded. even if the sign is exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.

Neon signs are not perfect though. Although the signs themselves are extremely durable, some can easily warp when exposed to extreme temperatures. So, it is extremely important to protect them by covering them during long periods of exposure to direct sunlight.

The best part of using neon signs is that they are often custom-made for individual uses. This allows owners to display their messages in any location that is needed for their business. While other types of signage are simply thrown away after a short period of time, neon signs are often used in permanent locations so that they can continue to serve the purpose they were created for.