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How to Become a Social Media Manager  

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What is a Social Media Manager?

Social media managers guide their clients in order to increase their online visibility and gain a bigger consumer audience. They usually develop strategies based on competition in the market and work with companies to organise campaigns and collaborations.

They have a number of responsibilities including:

  • Managing social media applications such as YouTube and Instagram
  • Researching the competition within the target audience
  • Planning and scheduling content
  • Scheduling meetings

How Do You Start?

Before starting your journey to become a social media manager, you need to research about they key responsibilities and the time commitments it would entail. Ensure that you are happy with what this role involves.

You could increase your CV skills and showcase how you have the required experience for the role. Clients will usually search for individuals who can show evidence of management skills. There are several courses you could take. A course in marketing would be highly desirable, this would ensure you know how to search for key trends, clients content analytics and how to analyse competition.

In addition, you may want to create some content yourself on social media platforms and gain a following. If you show that you can promote yourself, you will look desirable for clients.

As this is a management role, you may also want to gain some experience with a management course. This would be useful as you may want to learn some leadership skills. Being a good manager takes a few things; communicating well, understanding business, developing teams and so on. A management qualification would place you in good standing against fellow social media managers.

After you have built up some experience, you will need to search for clients. Ideally, you want to focus on which social media clients you wish to manage. Once you have an idea of your potential clients, you need to make yourself known and involved in conversations throughout the potential target area. You could attend conferences so you can have the opportunity to meet some people.

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The Benefits of Becoming a Social Media Manager

There are many benefits of becoming a social media manager.

  1. It’s fast moving and progressive

As social media is growing bigger by day, there are always new things to learn about how to keep up with the competition and continue to market client’s brands. A social media manager will never have a repetitive, mundane job.

  1. Flexibility of learning whilst working

If you want to increase your marketing or management skills whist you are working, you have the benefit of learning courses online. The College of Contract Management offers distance learning with live courses online.

  1. You could have the possibility of earning a lot

Depending on your client’s social media presence, you may earn a healthy salary. If you have excellent proven skills in social media management, you can charge more for your services.

  1. Great career progression

Some social media managers progress to become a marketing manager. They may work for larger companies and increase their salary further. Others progress to be a digital marketing manager or a marketing executive. Therefore, a social media manager can be a great starting point for someone who wishes to work for large companies.

  1. It is a relatively new profession

If you want to work in an area where new things are created ever day and you like you be up to date with all the trends on social media, this would be an ideal role for you.

  1. You will build lasting relationships

Managing clients on social media requires a lot of communication and teamwork. You will be working closely with your clients and likely know a lot about their lives. Due to the close nature of the professional relationship, you will likely build lasting friendships.