Article rewriter tools to prevent duplicate content

As we know that getting creative ideas every time is difficult for writers. Sometimes they get the same topic but the content should be different. We can say that the idea and purpose of the topic should be the same but in a different way. Over the internet, different tools can make you out of this problem. There are tools known as Article Rewriter that can make your writing easy and better. This tool rewrites your article and makes the article creatively.

As we know, it’s always hard for writers to get creative ideas. Sometimes they have the same subject, but the content ought to be different. We can say that the idea and aim of the subject should be the same, but otherwise. Various tools can solve this problem over the Internet. There are tools called the Article Rewriters that can simplify and improve your writing. This tool scans and dynamically reproduces the content.



Purpose of Article Rewriter

Talking about the purposes of the article rewriter, we should know that there are various purposes of this tool. The tool can be used for content writers in making their content unique. Besides this, this tool can be used by the students seeking their educational material. This tool is helpful in the education category because using plagiarized content can make difficulties. But using this tool will make this difficult end. This is because text rewriters will change most of the words in the content hence making it unique and free of plagiarism.

Some of the purposes of this tool are the following:

Education purpose you are willing to complete your assignment without copying from the internet and making it plagiarized-free then these tools are developed for you. You just need to copy the relevant material from the internet and use any of the online article rewriter. This will spin your material and will replace most of the words with its synonyms. However, in this way, your content will be cleared from all the plagiarism and you can use it for your purpose. As it spins the content, so it is also known as article spinner

  • Blogging

This happens most of the time that the bloggers have to post their content on a daily base. In this regard, they have very few ideas of content because of writing daily. The Text rewriter tool is very helpful in this situation because it will change most of the duplicate content in the blog post content. Not only this, but this tool will also help bloggers in a sense of time-consuming. These online article rewriter tools just need seconds in changing your content. You just need to enter your content; the tool will automatically analyze and spin it.

  • Freelancers

Not every freelancer gets extra time to complete their writing task. Every client wants their project to be completed quickly but this is not easy for a freelance writer. Within a quick time, they need to submit their content with uniqueness. Article rewriter not only spins your content instead it also makes it unique. This happens when the tool use replacing algorithms to remove the similarities. When the word is changed with its synonym, it makes the content unique because of the different words.

Top 5 Online Article Rewriter websites

Numerous online article rewriter websites are providing their tools in spinning your content. Every tool is somehow different from others depending upon the algorithm used in it. If the website is using an efficient algorithm then the article will be spun uniquely. This factor is very important because if the article is not efficiently spun then the Google might reject your writing. However, some of the top websites for this purpose are the following:

  1. PrePostSEO is one of the amazing text rewriter tools that spin the article with updated algorithms. Not only this, but they also use the modern techniques of replacing the words for uniqueness. PrePostSEO is very efficient and quick hence it spins your article within seconds.



The website doesn’t change the meaning of the content instead it just replaces the synonyms making it look natural. The PrePostSEO tool doesn’t have any limit for word count whereas it’s also free of cost to use. You just need to paste your content into a specific box and wait some seconds to get the result. We can say that this website’s tool is one of the best over the internet.

  1. Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter is another tool for rewriting your article to remove the similarities with other content over the internet. It is also a quick tool for spinning your article whereas it is free to use. However, you need to register yourself on the website for using their tools. This website’s tool also uses an efficient algorithm according to the updated techniques.

  1. Article Reword is also a tool for rewriting that is providing the use of synonyms for your content up to 90%. It tries to maintain the meaning of the content while replacing the words but not completely.

Article Reword

Article Reword

This website is very user-friendly because it doesn’t need any kind of registration for using their services. Moreover, it is easy and quick to use without any limitations.

  1. TXT Spinner is a paid tool that contains its synonym database.

TXT Spinner

TXT Spinner

It is paid but it gives free trial for checking the performance. However, you need to buy their premium services through registration on their website. This website enhances your content into unique for making it look natural and better.

  1. Free Article Spin Bot is another time-saving tool for spinning your article. This website’s tool is also user friendly as it is completely free and doesn’t need any registration.

Free Article Spin Bot

Free Article Spin Bot

It also maintains the meaning of the sentence while changing most of the words out of it.


If you are using the article spinner for education purpose then you should use any tool for it. However, if you are using it for publishing your content over the internet then you should consider some of the factors seriously. These factors include the techniques and algorithms used in the tool. This is because if the article is not spun correctly and is published over the internet then your work will be rejected by Google. In this way, your website and content on it will be affected in the sense of SEO. The freelancers should use the tool that is providing maximum synonyms because it will make your work more unique.