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Are Your Twitter Followers Actually Robots? – Recognize Twitter Bots

Are Your Twitter Followers Actually Robots? – Recognize Twitter Bots

When it comes to Twitter’s popularity account. The more followers a user has, the merrier, right? False. A study of Twitter accounts of the major companies showed that about half of their supporters could be generated by robots or robots. So next time you think you have a Twitter exchange with a human being, think again.
First, what is a Twitter bot? A bot is an account that follows you, trying to make you click on affiliate links, or just trying to teach you to follow for fun. fake accounts on Twitter are a bustling business, so when you see the report and report spam.

The study, conducted by Marco Camisani Calzolari, a communications professor at Milan, found that up to 46% of Twitter followers of companies were actually being generated by bots or were themselves bots. “The number of followers is a valid indicator of the popularity of a Twitter user, and can not be analyzed separately from qualitative information,” said Calzolari.

Despite the prevalence of bots Twitter, many marketers are still using the tracking number as a measure of the success of their Twitter activity. Unfortunately, these days, it does little to prove the actual value.

How to recognize bots Twitter?

It is clear that the robots are pesky, skewing the relevance of your Twitter account, and are difficult to spot. So how can you recognize the bots? Here are some things to watch for:

1. Get lightning-quick answers a Tweet

When you tweet about a specific topic on car insurance for example and are immediately followed and response in mili-seconds – it is very likely a bot. Bots are automated to meet a specific keyword or key phrase.

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2. Tweeting the same message to everyone

Of course, some humans are not very original on Twitter. However, if a response on Twitter @ seems fishy, see the full profile. If the account sends exactly the same Tweet to everyone, you have a bot.

3. Are you saying he’s a Bot?

Seriously, some Twitter bots fact admit any right to be a bot. Perform background checks on your followers and questionable results might surprise you. Many bio bot Twitter begins with the phrase: “Hi, I’m a bot …”

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4. Many attend, few Subscribers

This is one of the most telling signs that you are not dealing with real accounts. If the account follows 974, but only has 10 followers – it’s a bot.

Now that you know how to spot a bot, it’s time to put your energy into poking action. Do not automatically follow anyone who chooses to follow you. Look at each new disciple and see if you actually like what they have to say. Stop the monitoring of all bots on your account with your Twitter account influences better and reduce the likelihood of you getting unnecessary responses @ bots cluttering your entire message flow.