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Applications and Tools for Student

An important guide on some of the technological tools and applications that students can make use of to make their life more convenient.

Teachers and students have different productivity requirements than most other professions. Apparently, most of the front-line applications and tools work best in both the classroom and workplace environment. Currently, there are diverse applications and tools, which are designed in a way that makes the life of students safer, cheaper, more comfortable, and more fun. Whether students would want to be assisted with taking notes, keeping fit, waking up on time, revising, or reading, there is an application, entailed for every purpose. Although computers are one of the essential tools used by both students and the tutors, beyond the office programs and the usual web browsers, most people are not aware of other devices that may aid in enlightening their workload. There are also diverse free to paid software that may be helpful to both students and teachers while in pursuit of knowledge.

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1. Thesis Statement Generator

           A thesis statement generator is one of the tools used by most students. A thesis statement is one of the essential elements of every assignment a student writes it since it sets the mind of the reader up for the assignment. The statement is generally found at the end of the first paragraph and is followed by a body paragraph, which provides detailed information to support the thesis. How can a student come up with a practical and catchy thesis statement, which will make talk about the main ideas of an essay? Apparently, most students not only encounter difficulties, but they also end up spending hours in an attempt to develop a perfect thesis statement. To relieve the everlasting challenges, a thesis statement generator aids students in developing the best thesis statement for their essays and assignments. These essential tools help students save time and effort since they generate the most suitable thesis in a matter of minutes. For inexperienced students trying to write a good paper, this would probably take close to an hour, which is not very convenient. 

2. Grammarly and other grammar checkers

           One of the established facts is that proofreading work can be a challenging task. Most of the writers usually smirk at the mention of proofreading work. As a result, they never proofread their work since they believe their work is the creation of the moment. However, individuals who write for a living, as well as those who write important assignments and emails, can attest that proofreading your work is an essential thing. When an individual is proofreading, every bit of help is normally welcomed. Grammarly is one of the tools which can be used to check not only the spelling mistakes but also the amount of plagiarism in someone`s work. The style checker is also subjective in that it flags redundancies and wordiness. Grammarly also has a vocabulary enhancement tool, which offers suggestions and synonyms on the words that were used in writing. 

3. Insight Timer

           It can be overwhelming for a college student to balance campus social life, extra-curricular, and class assignments. However, there is an application, which can enable a student to learn, meditate, and increase their way to build a downtime in stressful days. The insight timer application has thousands of guided meditations with platforms such as Calm and Headspace. In the current society, mindfulness has turned into a buzzword. Most people, including government institutions, prisons, and schools, have realized that one of the ways an individual can navigate through their busy and stressful lives is through mindfulness. Although most people are working towards minimizing screen time as well as reliance on devices, one of the truths is that applications such as insight timer can come to be very helpful. If students and teachers are going to be using their phones, why should they not use them in doing something beneficial?  

4. Brand name generator

A brand name generator can help you come up with a name for your business or product. There are many online tools that can help you do this, and it can be a fun process. You can brainstorm names with friends or family, or use a tool to generate ideas. Be sure to choose a name that is memorable and reflects your brand.

5. WPS

Most students and teachers are familiar with the WPS application. It is an acronym for Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheets. Notably, the last thing any person would want to hassle with is files formatted in ways which are not easy to be opened. Such hassles make a person to waste a lot of time, which thereafter affects their productivity. However, WPS office is compatible with many brands of software such as Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Word. The application is also supported by both mobile phones and pcs. The application is best for both the students and teachers because of its ease of use. Research indicates that WPS users rave about how easily they can work with the application because of the similarity it has with Microsoft Office. 

6. VLC Media Player

           The chances are that most students and teacher have either used or heard of the application. However, in case someone has not come across it, it is one of the best tools used for playing both audio and videos. The existence of this application completely eliminates the need for QuickTime, Windows Media Player, and other similar tools. Once in a while, students receive video clips in weird formats, which they have never received before. VLC is able to open all the formats of a video. The tool is well built with features which come in handy for work or school assignment. 

7. Emails

           Edu Email addresses provide a platform for teachers and students to communicate and exchange ideas. In addition, they facilitate the communication between teachers and parents, which is essential for the success of the students. Initially, the communication between the parents and teachers was infrequent, and it occurred during designated days, weeks, or months. However, the invention of emails dramatically changed the communication between parents, teachers, and students. Necessarily, emails are one of the mediums of communication, which has facilitated the exchange of ideas as well as information between the teachers and the students. 

8. Google Scholar

           It is a tool, which allows the students to access and read a wide variety of published articles within a second. In addition to the tool being free to use, it collates information from across the internet. The tool provides a list of references at the end of each source which have been formatted in different writing formats such as MLA, APA, Chicago, or Harvard. It is easy for students and teachers to access technology and scientific articles since it is one of the most influential sources in medical, technical, and scientific disciplines. Finally, the tool has a feature which enables students as well as tutors search for legal documents and search for patents in articles.  

9. Online Academic Help Services 

Many students are always faced with time and experience restrictions when it comes to getting their assignments and papers done on time. Luckily, the internet has provided the chance for them to receive online help from companies such as Peachy Essay. This company offers students with academic help when it is most needed for the most affordable rates. Not only does this company help the student get their challenging school assignments done, but they also offer guidelines, tips, and examples of how best to complete such papers. This helps students save their time as well as score good grades while placing minimum effort on a task and also being able to participate in other vital activities.

Similarly, there are another company named as free safety training which helps student by providing examination resources like IOSH managing safely exam questions and answers, Illinois driving test questions, HAAD Exam Questions, etc.

The modern world has made learning easy for all students with the introduction of applications and tools that can help students get things done in a more natural way. When students make proper use of such tools and applications, they not only manage to get things done in a more natural way, they are able to make their life at school more manageable and convenient.