An Old-School Marketing Tactic That Is Cool Again

Old-School Marketing Tactic

Old-School Marketing Tactic

The world is moving further and forward with technological advancement. But some traditional and low key things that were considered to be old school now have become cool things again. Just think of music, everyone wanted it to be digital. But now there is a bunch of audiophiles that prefer to listen to vinyl music.

The same is the case in marketing, some old school techniques have now become cutting edge techniques to generate leads. Direct mail is one of those old school marketing tactics that has become cool again. Let us have a look at this marketing tactic and how we can use it in a better way in the modern world.

Direct mail was a marketing tool that was used to generate leads for information about various products. Brochures, direct mail letters, marketing collateral helped businesses to generate revenue of millions of dollars in the past.

As it is a cool marketing tactic again, so to understand it better let us have a look at the three most important variables of direct mail.

  1. The List:

The list that you choose to deliver direct mails is the most important thing. It comprises of the target audience and your potential customer. How to find the right list is an important question and we will have a look at its detailed answer later in the article.

  1. Headline:

The headline is the first thing that receiver sees when he/she opens up a direct mail piece or a letter. According to Do My Homework Now, It has significance and needs to be written carefully.

  1. The Cover of Mailing piece:

The outside cover of your mailing piece is also an important variable of direct mail. It can either have a label or directly printed details on the envelope. The fonts on the envelope, metered mail versus live stamp, and choice of using a teaser copy are other significant factors that you need to take care of while preparing the cover of your mailing piece.

Finding the Right List

Let us understand how to find the right list for direct mail to generate sales lead. It is one of the most important elements of a successful mail campaign. There are two approaches to prepare a list of receivers.

Carrier Routes:

The first method is carrier routes that means sending direct mail to every house that comes in the route of the postal employee while delivering posts. For a small business, this becomes too expensive.

But this approach is perfect for the hyper geographic businesses such as retail-like establishments and service companies in a specific area. For example, direct mail through carrier route is best for an auto repair store as it will help to generate leads in the nearby area with a brochure.

Target Based Direct Mail:

The other approach is to prepare a mail list that is specific and target based. You can send the mail to the house list that you have prepared through this method. You can purchase a list of the target audience from a third party to compile it for your direct mail delivery. The brokers that provide such a list can easily be found online. List Giants and Hoover are two big names in the industry to provide such a targeted list based on your requirements.