All You Need to Know When Hiring a Social Media Audit Firm— NetBase

Social media marketing is increasingly gaining popularity. As the number of social users grows across social networks, more and more brands find it convenient to drive awareness for their brands. Since competition is stiff, it is essential to check on the progress of your brand on the platforms. An effective way to gauge your brand performance on social platforms is to conduct a Social media audit. It will enable you to have a clear record of your business and identify any gaps that may need improvements. To achieve an effective social audit, its recommendable to hire a qualified and reputable firm. 

How to Choose the Best Audit Company

Qualifications: Hiring a social media audit firm is a crucial decision. It means you’ll be finding a partner to work with for a long-term basis, hence trusting them to provide you with useful insights to grow your business. Therefore, you should ensure that the firm you hire has high expertise in the industry. Make sure they are accredited and registered with relevant professional audit bodies. You can also check on their website to see what they offer.

Industry Experience: A perfect audit company should have vast experience in the industry. If your potential audit company is experienced, you’re assured of high-quality and efficient services. Remember that quality services can add significant value to your business. Similarly, experienced companies like NetBase offers reliable services that can improve your business net worth

Use of High-End Technology: Social media is ever-evolving, so is technology. If your potential audit company is using some old technology to analyze data and perform auditing, then you need to work overtime to challenge your competitors equally. A perfect social media audit firm should be equipped with advanced and latest technology to be able to address social media issues adequately. For instance, NetBase uses the next-generation artificial intelligence technology to collect, analyze, and interpret data to provide proactive insights and future-based advice that increases your return on investment value.

How Long /Much Does the Process Take?

A social media audit involves evaluating and reviewing your social media marketing strategies to ensure they’re correctly functioning. So, it shouldn’t be a one-time undertaking but a continuous exercise. Also, remember that the social landscape is constantly evolving. Meaning, regular updates are necessary to keep your marketing strategies relevant. Therefore, you should expect to conduct your social media analysis after about 12 to 18 months. It would also help if you worked on your budget to ensure whatever you invest in gives you the highest return on investment. However, it’s essential to know that there is no standardized social media audit price, so costs vary from firm to firm. You should expect a rough figure ranging from $2,000 to about $10, 000. 

Most importantly, regardless of the cost, a reputable social media audit firms should help you uncover business gaps that may be filled to improve your brand. Similarly, they should provide you with useful, transparent, objective, and authentic advice to enable you to direct your resources to areas that can give you maximum returns. The social experts should also help you identify working strategies and help you improve the ones that are not working. For that matter, you’ll never go wrong by trusting NetBase to add value to your business and provide you with long-term strategies. 


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