All you need to know about steroids stereotypes



While sports events are back in the doping scandal spotlight, the leading athletes and anabolic steroid users are silently carrying their business. Opposite to major belief, athletes aren’t just the only users of this muscle-building supplement. According to the International Society of Sports Nutrition, it is the office and not the playing field where you will spot major steroid users.

According to the United States National Institute on Drug Abuse states that over 3 million Americans use steroids for non-medical reasons. It is a number which goes beyond the number of elite athletes in both novice and professional ranks. So, while the WADA focuses and spends millions of dollars in trying to expose the small number of known athletes who use steroids to enhance performance, the major steroid users remain undetected.

As per a poll, the data suggests that the majority number of male users use steroids to look good and not to participate in an athletic performance. Better muscle mass, higher strength and good looks serve as the major motivators while the less contributing factors include high confidence, ability to attract girls and low body fat. And, the majority of the youth gets to know about it from the internet. Websites and chatrooms offer all the knowledge to educate an amateur steroid user.

And dissimilar to athletes who are forced to follow the rules of the sport, this particular section has no regard to any rule related to steroid use. The major number of steroid users are not athletes but a group of youngsters or middle aged men who are looking for physical self-improvement. And, when it comes to health concerns, these twenties and thirties people think that aesthetic aims are more important than their health, especially those who take their health for granted.

They may experience some short-term side effects if they skip the recommended dosage pattern like shrinking testicles, acne, live issues and premature baldness, but no such prevailing illness has been noticed in athletes or bodybuilders. Once you stop using steroids, these side effects disappear gradually.

According to experts, an average steroid user explores how to best administer steroids for maximum gains with lowest possible risks. They even go to the length of injecting it which decreases liver poisoning when compared to taken orally. The irony is those who use steroids are health conscious and care to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, something not many people can do.

A lot of people just buy steroids Canada without gaining any prior knowledge keeping these stereotype about steroids in mind:

  • All steroids are the same.
  • The recommended dosage isn’t of any importance.
  • The suggested combinations are not important.
  • They can gain muscle with steroids without exercising.
  • Steroids are just for bodybuilders and athletes.

These are some of the myths about steroids which need to be busted. Just like any other drug, you should do proper research about it before you buy steroids Canada. Also make sure you consume only the recommended dosage and team it with a healthy training and eating regime to reach your goals.