Air Duct Cleaning Hacks for Better Indoor Air Quality

Duct Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

A well-positioned air duct system regulates the airflow in the house. It circulates the air inside and transports some from external sources to keep the house well-ventilated. However, it comes as a surprise that air ducts do not receive regular maintenance as it needs to.

When air ducts collect dust and other debris, it causes your cooling and heating systems to exert more effort to do their job properly. To avoid this unnecessary and avoidable damage, air duct maintenance must be done regularly. Here are some cleaning hacks to improve indoor air quality.

Air Duct Cleaning Hacks for Improving Indoor Air Quality

Clean the Openings with a Vacuum 

Cleaning an entire air duct system requires professionals; technicians who are trained to thoroughly clean the ducts inside out. But if you want an easy fix, you can clean the duct openings with a high-powered vacuum.

The power of regular house vacuums is not enough though. You can invest in a power vacuum with a long nose or nozzle or rent the equipment. Once you open the grills of an air duct, vacuum the surrounding area. Most particles and debris are collected in that area. Make sure to clean the grills too.

The vacuum may not be enough to clean the entire system, but it’s enough to clean the dirtiest parts of the ducts.

Change Filters

Vent filters are often added to the air ducts as an extra line of protection. Dust and other particles are gathered in these filters, releasing filtered air in the house. Obviously, dirty filters will do more harm than good.

It is imperative to change vent filters regularly. The accumulated dirt in the filter will only add to the pressure on the cooling and heating systems. It is ideal to change the filters once every month. But the schedule can change according to the quality of your air.

If you are in an area with heavy air pollution, make sure to check the filters twice a month. Hold the filter up to the light and if light can’t pass through, it’s time to change it. Also, make sure to store the extra vents in areas that are accessible. This serves as an unconscious reminder that you have filters to change regularly.

Look Out for Nests

Air ducts have designated vents that transport and regulate air from outside the house. These vents usually jut out from the exterior of the house making it available for animals to build their nests on.

As a way of precaution, regularly check if there are nests on top of your vents. It is highly possible that small twigs or leaves will be swept by the wind into the vent, adding to the clogged-up dirt inside. If this debris pile up, it is possible that it will block the airway causing more trouble.

Remember to take extra caution in handling these nests. You don’t want to cause distress to the birds in it. Make sure to transfer it to a safer area.

Clean Carpets and Beddings 

Regularly cleaning carpets and beddings is also another hack that significantly improves indoor air quality. Carpets, specifically, gather dust and other dirt particles easily. It’s best to vacuum the carpeted areas of your home regularly.

Fur and other dirt particles that come from pets also easily accumulate in carpets, sofas, and beddings. As long as it’s out in the open, there is a possibility that it will end up clogging the vents. Dirt also accumulates in curtains and blinds. Don’t forget to include these in your scheduled clean-ups.

A clean household is a significant factor in achieving excellent quality indoor air. Houses that go for weeks or months without cleaning feel stuffy because of all the dirty air circulating. Wiping down surfaces and regularly changing linens and drapes lessen dirt, thus improving air quality.

It is also good practice to routinely clean stuffed toys and plushies. Similar to carpets and linens, these toys are magnets of dust and other dirt particles. At the end of the day, it’s important to note all the things and areas that easily collect dust in your home.

Contact Professional Cleaners

At the end of the day, deep cleaning of air ducts should be left at the hands of professionals. There is a sizable population of professional air duct cleaners, such as Ongaro Duct Cleaning services that provide excellent cleaning service.

Aside from cleaning the ducts, these professionals also clean both heating and cooling equipment. They start by using their large portable vacuums that suck all the dust and debris inside the vents. After that, they go and clean the central pieces of equipment. They also make sure to repair any damage to the system.

Consulting professionals also erases the doubts and myths that come with air duct cleaning and HVAC maintenance. One of the most common misconceptions about duct cleaning is that it does more harm than good. It actually does not. In actuality, routine clean-up must be done to keep the ducts and vents in their tip-top shape.

Open Up Windows

Even if this doesn’t exactly involve cleaning, opening windows bring in the cool fresh air that can dissipate dust piles in the ducts. With open windows, it is also easier for the vents to circulate the air from outside. Thus, it also lessens the pressure on the core equipment.

Gusts of fresh air also replace the stale air inside the house. Opening windows from time to time also lessens the possibility of mold buildups which is a huge air pollutant. Small leaks in airtight areas are the perfect combination of an accelerated mold buildup.

Key Takeaways 

A clean environment means high-quality air. Maintaining a clean environment means cleaning the surroundings including the entire air vent system that is the key player in air circulation. Aside from overhauling the entire system, there are simple do-it-yourself cleaning methods for vents. Vacuuming vents and changing filters should be part of a household’s cleaning routine.

A clean house drastically improves the quality of air circulating inside. It doesn’t need to be spotless. What it needs is regular upkeep every now and then.