Advantages of small group tutoring

You may consider tutoring for your child to enhance their grades at school. Selecting a reliable tutoring service with small group size is essential and some of its benefits are given below:

  • Your child’s queries will be dealt well in a small group setting

If your child has a below average understanding of a topic, it is good to go for small group tutoring. The tutor will answer their queries well and accommodate the pace of your kid’s learning abilities better in comparison to a large group setting. Some students may be hesitant to ask questions in big classes and lose their chance of clarification.

  • It is simpler to clarify a concept in small group tutoring

A lot of students are shy to clear their doubts in front of a full classroom. In group tutoring, the teacher gauges the learning needs of the child, customizes a learning plan for them and helps them ask questions in a non-judgmental environment.

  • Small group tutoring is recommended for all types of students

In small group tutoring, a tutor can easily know the strengths and weaknesses of a child. He will know the areas which need improvement and offer personalized lessons to help them excel at school. This is not possible in school where a teacher has to juggle with multiple children. But, in group tutoring, the tutor can know the learning style of a child and work accordingly.

  • Flexible learning

Another benefit of small group learning is that you can flexibly allocate it. If a child is struggling with a topic, the tutor can work harder on the topic and give him/ her individual attention.

  • Boosting confidence

In smaller groups, kids are not hesitant to share their thoughts. In small groups, the student is in an informal atmosphere which gives them encouragement to talk and participate in discussions. Group tutoring doesn’t just enhance your social skills but also boosts your confidence.

  • More feedback opportunities

Feedback for students can be limited at schools. But in group tutoring, feedback on progress is detailed. Also, because the environment is relaxed, students will feel better about it and make amendments.

  • Both kids and tutor are patient with each other

Lessons in modern teaching can be airtight. If a class has 30 children and if one child needs additional attention on a particular topic, it can be tough. This isn’t a teacher’s fault but the truth of the present education system. However, in small group tutoring, tutors and kids don’t have a rigid plan to follow and a child can learn at his/ her own pace.

  • Enhances the team working skills of the child

The intimate atmosphere of group tutoring is recommended to build teamwork skills. While students may get intimidated in large settings, small teams work on focusing on the problems of the child and making them socially active and boosting their educational progress forward.

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