7 workout apps to make your elliptical session fun.

It’s not in everyone’s budget to hire a personal trainer as it can be a major investment.

According to one study on an average, a personal trainer would cost you around $45-$50 per hour, and a lot of times they end up being much more expensive than that.

But don’t worry, there are quite a few economical alternatives as well.

This includes an enhanced workout schedule with detailed instructions, whether it’s for your elliptical session or for any other workouts. It’s enough to satiate your fitness hunger.

Thanks to smartphones you don’t have to burn through your pocket to have a one to one meeting with a certified trainer.

As there are loads of inspiring trainers on Instagram who are sure to get you excited for the workout.

Nonetheless, when you come up with a tailored fitness plan you are going to need an app/s to concentrate your workouts, keep a track of your successes and to plan out your goals.

Whether you prefer to workout at the gym or like to do it at a more personal home environment, or maybe you are just working out for an athletic event.

In any case, there’s an app designed to full fill your needs in the most effective manner. 

With that in mind, we have rounded up 7 such workout apps to keep your workouts exciting and effective. So let’s browse them.

1. Max Trainer (Bowflex).

This app has been designed by Bowflex to help you envisage your goals and result. Just connect the app with your elliptical via Bluetooth, set up your profile and start working out.

While working out you will be able to keep track of your workout duration, amount of calories burned, RPM, wattage and your maximum and average heart rate.  

Once you complete your session you can assess your performance and set new goals.

Also if you are an apple customer then you can connect the app to the Apple Health App, this way you can always have an outline of your health at your fingertips.

2. iFit-Module.

The app version of this module can be connected with your equipment via Bluetooth, make sure your Wi-Fi is enabled.

When you get subscribed to the paid version you will be able to train on the mountains in the Alps, or through the streets of Paris with the assistance from Goggle maps.

Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to get coached by Jillian Michaels.

3. Kinomap.

Whether you have a smartphone or a tablet you can easily connect with this app via Bluetooth. You will also have the opportunity to train on a realistic route of London or any other city of your choice. 

Each track has its own level of difficulty so you can use the one which suits you the best. Moreover, you can also compete with your family members or friends with the multiplayer mode.

4. Fit hi way. 

Flow Fitness presents Fit hi way, this easy to install app will let you keep track of your heart rate, RPM, duration of the workout, amounts of calories burned and lastly the amount of distance you covered.

You also have the liberty to choose any of the training programs available.

By the way, through this app, you can listen to music as well.  So make sure you buy the best elliptical 2020  with speakers.

5. DKN Motion.

This app is best suited for a tab, just mount the tab on your equipment. As usual, you need to enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection.

You can choose to train yourself but it is recommended that you choose the pre-programmed training, as with the latter you will be able to choose between warm-up, endurance, calorie-burning regimen, heart rate program and others.

This also includes personal coaching programs with which you will be attended by a personal trainer throughout your workout, which is a tremendous help.

6. iConsole.

This app works with the iConsole models provided by the Flow Fitness, just enable Bluetooth to connect this app.

There are 24 different training programs so choose the one you find appealing or you can pick the training route on the Google maps.

Use a heart rate belt to monitor your heart rate during heart rate programs. You can regulate the resistance level by yourself depending on how you like it.

Rest assured every result of your training is stored in the app.

7. BeatBurn.

The major takeaway of this app is the way it changes and matches the beats of the music from your iPod playlist with the pace of your workout.

No other app does the amazing job of combining the guidance of a personal trainer with your favorite song at the precise pace you need.

That explains why this app was presented by Apple in the US iTunes store.    


That concludes our list, and I am sure you have found them at your convenience.

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So what are you waiting for? Download the app and start working out.