7 Ways How Paperless Work Makes You More Productive



Despite digital documents, email, and other modern technology, most organizations still depend on paper documents. As you know, paper printing and sharing around is a vital task in almost every office. 

But choosing a paperless office is more than cutting down printing costs and going green. An office with minimal paper usage also leads to organized and productive employees. Most automated Electronic signature software like eSign Genie will let you secure all your documents online for safe delivery.

The idea of going paperless has existed since personal computers became the basis of the ultramodern workplace. Did you know businesses waste 14% of their income on print-related inefficiencies? However, if you have got old printing equipment, it results in time wastage. 

Employees call the IT desk to help with damaged printing or scanning, paper jams, and other issues that may occur. Furthermore, paper filing and management is a menial task that does not offer much satisfaction for employees. Thus, learn the perks of going paperless and make a switch today.

How Going Paperless to Increase the Overall Productivity of Your Company?

Below are the perks of eliminating paper from your workspace:

  1. Automation

Adopting digital technology also automates time-consuming “repeat” work. When your whole staff has access to powerful tools, your employees can save tons of hours or even days. 

These tools usually consist of features that let you prepare, create, and sign documents electronically, quickly, and securely. It not just get rid of the paper but also boost business productivity. For example:

1. a) Electronic Signatures

You can use digital signature technology to sign documents online without the requirement for printing, signing, and rescanning or automatically. 

2. b) Project Tracking

There is no need to rebuild an outline every time you start a new project. Digital tools also let you outline and track your projects in a digital journal effectively.

3. c) Collecting Client Data

Using Google Forms, businesses can collect and well organize client data.

  1. Ensures a Well Organized Workspace

In a paper-filled office, you need to clean the office space regularly and file the necessary papers. Moreover, huge piles of paper take office space, creates a distraction, and trigger stress. The more locations and stuff you have on your desk, the more areas you will need to focus on.

However, keeping your workstation well cleaned will significantly lower stress levels by channeling the workload into one location. This improves employee performance daily.

Going paperless also removes the need to collect and store paper on your desk. One research shows that a clean and well-organized environment drives focus and increase performance.

  1. Easy Management of Documents

Cloud computing has proven to be quite effective for small and medium-sized businesses when it comes to business productivity. It allows employees to store, process, and share documents efficiently.

Transforming your work environment using paperless work will let you create a smooth workflow that fits every unique situation. Moreover, when you work paperless, you can access digital files at any time from a location and using any device.

The flexibility of getting remote access saves a huge amount of time and frustration. It is mainly beneficial when you are far away from the office. This allows your business to address clients’ unique needs and offer up-to-date data regarding current projects, contracts, or quote delivery.

Did you know cloud data centers will process 94% of workloads in 2021? You can scan all your documents taking up office space, and convert them into digital files.

Digital document management software is an important tool for the road to digital transformation. With it, you can quickly file and locate the documents you require instantly. That leads to an increase in productivity.

  1. Improve Security

There is a huge risk of storing paper documents in the office. Did you know an average office worker still uses 10,000 paper sheets in a year? However, when all of your documents are stored digitally, you have an advanced digital security system in the cloud. 

Thus, you do not need to deal with the documents being exposed to fire damage, UV damage, misplacement, accidental shredding, Theft, water damage, and photocopy-machine mishaps. 

  1. Enhance Internal Communication

With email and instant messaging applications, the time it takes to communicate with the team has reduced significantly. The questions can be asked and answered immediately. This prevents hassle and saves time.

Document sharing online offer you fast results than the paper-based method. It is because multiple users can edit and share documents simultaneously in real-time.

A paperless method boosts work-related collaboration and communication between employees. Moreover, you don’t even need to get up from your desk to do that work.

  1. Lowers Human Errors

Poorly organized records, misplaced files, and incorrect accounting can human-caused errors. By preventing these errors, you can win half the battle of increasing productivity. The use of digital tools and cloud technology offers a great way to upload and store all financial documents in one place.

Moreover, paperless document creation, accounting, invoicing, tracking, record keeping, inventory, and storage lower the chance of human error. It is because there is no more processing of documents by hand. This allows your employees to spend time and brainpower on producing outstanding outcomes rather than fixing the errors.

  1. Helps You Go Eco-friendly

Did you know 25% of technology-related help-desk calls are associated with printing? But when an organization goes paperless, printers become a thing of the past. Using digital resources can help you save you heaps of effort and time. This helps you reduce the consumption of natural resources and your carbon footprint.

Moreover, as per the State of the Global Paper Industry, consumption of paper is at unsustainable levels. But paperless work can offer tons of advantages over paperwork. Also remember, when you go paperless, you also motivate your neighbors to do the same.


Technology has seamlessly replaced paper-based processes with paperless solutions. Going paperless saves your time and offers more clear space to cultivate a calm and well-focused workspace. Businesses that go paperless also stay more productive in comparison to those that still massively depend on paper.