6 Useful Tools For Online Learning Class From Gogopdf

Online Learning

Online Learning

Online learning is now the newest form of education, where both students and teachers can access the internet to disseminate and collect the necessary information. This form of learning also requires various digital tools to work for all those paperless documents. 

These digital tools should be fast, secure, and convenient for the benefit of the users. When looking for the right tool to help you meet the entire online class session’s necessary requirements, look no further than Gogopdf. This is the most advanced website nowadays that offers various functions for all sorts of documents. Visit the website now, and experience the magic of these safest tools offered. 

Converter Tool

Gogopdf provides a converter toolbox where you can convert any files you want to another format for entirely free. The conversion process will just consume a few seconds before you can download your updated file. PDF to Word, PDF to JPG, or even Excel to PDF, the converter box can complete the whole task without even a single difficulty. 

Compress PDF Tool

Reduce your PDFs’ size to the smallest size possible with Gogopdf’s compress PDF tool for entirely free. There are several advantages of compacting PDF files; compressed documents take up much less space and are simpler to download to the Web. To use the tool, follow the steps below. 

  • Step 1. Drag your selected files to Gogopdf’s conversion box. 
  • Step 2. Allow the conversion box to scan and compress your documents. 
  • Step 3. Wait for a few seconds to complete the conversion task. 
  • Step 4. Save your newly compressed PDFs to your device. 

Repair PDF Tool

Let’s say that you have already completed the activities given by your professor in a particular subject. However, when trying to open it, the file has been damaged. To solve this issue, use Gogopdf’s repair PDF tool and follow this procedure. 

  • Step 1. Choose the PDF you would like to repair and drag it to the website. 
  • Step 2. Wait for the task to be completed. It usually takes a minute. 
  • Step 3. After the tool solved the issue, download the file to your device or upload it directly to your Dropbox or Google Drive. 

Add Watermark Tool

Adding a watermark on your PDFs is today’s one of the newest ways to keep them safe. Secure your documents with this add watermark to PDF tool by selecting between adding a watermark image or a watermark text to your PDF file. You may also pick the specific section of the text where you want the watermark to display. Follow the details below for further instruction. 

  • Step 1. Select a file from your device that you would like to add a watermark to. 
  • Step 2. Insert the text or the image that you would like to use as a watermark on your PDF. After that, click the “Add Watermark” button to begin the process. 
  • Step 3. The watermarking procedure will take a few seconds. Wait for the tool to work on your behalf. 
  • Step 4. You can email your watermarked PDFs or directly download them on your device. 

eSign PDF Tool

Today, you conveniently sign your documents with Gogopdf’s eSign PDF tool just by using your device. You don’t need to wait for how many days to get signed contracts; the tool will do the whole process in the fastest way possible. You just have these steps provided. 

  • Step 1. Drag the PDFs to the website’s toolbox. 
  • Step 2. Using your device’s mouse, create a digital signature for the PDF. You can also select a particular image from your device and upload it to the toolbox. After saving the changes to your files, send them to the necessary recipients. 
  • Step 3. Monitor the progress of the document. When the signatories receive the file, you will be provided with a link for download.
  • Step 4. Save your newly signed PDF file to your storage. 

Protect PDF Tool

Today, protecting our files from possible risks is an essential requirement. Thus, Gogopdf offers you the most effective tool for protecting your PDFs. The site’s protect PDF tool offers 128-bit AES password-protected encryption for all PDFs. Follow this procedure below to get you started. 

  • Step 1. Choose the PDF that you want to lock and upload it to the toolbox. 
  • Step 2. Create a password, and make sure it will be difficult to crack. 
  • Step 3. Email the PDF to your intended recipients, or you can send the file to their social media accounts. 
  • Step 4. Save your newly protected document to your device storage. 


The Gogopdf website is initially made to help you meet the necessary requirements in the digital world and fix the issues. Thus, we are too fortunate that this kind of service exists completely free. The tools mentioned above are a few of the examples of useful tools of the website. There are more advanced tools you can discover if you visit the website now.