6 Tips to Help You Stop Losing Your Daily Stuff

If you lose things too often, then we might be on a similar boat as millions of other people who have a terrible sense of storing and managing items. A study found that an average American person loses about $5000 worth of personal items in their entire lifetime. Last time I checked, $5000 was a lot of money. If you are plagued with clumsiness, I suggest you keep reading and learn how to stop your stuff from getting lost.

How to stop losing stuff?

If you know someone, or if you are yourself plagued with constantly losing items, you might want to start fixing things and put an end to all this loss. When it comes to personal items, you might have half a mind of not being too bothered by the loss, but if you lose somebody else’s belongings, or maybe some of your work-related items, then the problem needs addressing even more.

To make sure you do not lose items, start with

  1. Focus on what you constantly lose: We all have that certain something that we are constantly losing. Be it keys, our wallets, your phone, or your flash drives and such. We are all clumsy to a certain extent. But if you have lost a certain item more than once or twice, it might be high time you start focusing on it and keeping the item in check each time you walk out of a place. For me for example, I number belongings that I leave home with on a daily basis. Mobile – 1, keys – 2, wallet – 3 and so on and so forth. This technique might help you too if you try it out.
  2. Put everything in its spot: This is something our parents have been asking us to do for ages now. It is paramount that you keep things right where you picked them up from. This is essential when you are at home and everything has a place of its own. Doing this makes sure everything you need can be found where you last left it. Make shelves for particular items, like all stuff for DIY fixes should be together. All your keys in one place. Losing things once you have made a place for them is simply not possible.
  3. Stay organised: Staying organized is literally what you must focus on. Clutter is the primary enemy. It is one of the main reasons people tend to lose their stuff and have trouble finding them. Simply put, you cannot find a single page on a mountain of documents you did not care to organize. Why spend hours looking for things you can easily find in a matter of minutes. The trick is to stay organized. It might be high time you clean your closet and your drawers.
  4. Use technology: So, there are ways you can actually keep from losing items. Ways that include the use of technology and devices made especially for clumsy people. I would recommend to check out one of such product named XY Find It. You can use devices like these to make sure you do not lose anything. They work on Bluetooth and connect to your phone. You can stick one into your wallet or make it into a key chain, and whenever you cannot find your things, simply go to your phone and use the application provided with the device to start looking for it. The device has an alarm that you can set off and follow to your lost items. Read XY Find It review here to know more about it.
  5. Train yourself: You can also train yourself into not losing things. Clumsiness can be worked on and you can easily get out of the habit of losing belongings. You can use games that train your mind, or even simply train yourself to not drop things, keep things in the right place and so on and so forth.
  6. Set reminders: You can also set reminders before you leave home that keeps you from forgetting things at home. I personally forget keys and my wallet while leaving home. You can post a post it on your door or such that reminds you to pick things up. You can also set reminders on your phone that rings around the time you leave home. You can easily make a checklist and put an end to loosing your items.

There are several things you can do to stop yourself from losing things. The primary ones include putting an end to your clumsiness, knowing what all you have with you at the moment and staying organized. You can also use Bluetooth trackers if your condition is truly serious. Bluetooth trackers actually work both ways so they are actually pretty helpful in finding things via your phone and finding your phone via a spare device.