5 Ways to Promote Your Events Online


Events are the perfect way to engage with your potential customers because they’re a great excuse to offer them so much. They can network, get educated, or simply enjoy a fun experience. Events can be about escapism and enjoying time out with friends. Alternatively, they can be more business-focused and help raise awareness about a particular product or cause. Regardless, your online video maker is your most valuable tool when it comes to promoting your event. That’s because it makes it easy to create the perfect video content that builds hype and curiosity such that people will want to join your event regardless of whether it’s free or paid.

5 Top Ways to Leverage an Online Video Maker for Promoting Events

Any promoter will tell you that a successful event depends on the people and the hype. You also want to diversify your approach so that you don’t just rely on one channel. That’s why the following ways should be a useful guide for you as you get started with your online video maker and its video templates:

1- Social Media Events Page

Clearly, it all starts with social media. You can create a Facebook within minutes but only an online video will make it stand out. Actually, you’ll want to use your video editor to create a wow factor with the right features and music tracks to hook people. That way, they’ll also want to share your event information with all their friends. After all, everyone loves an engaging and exciting video.

2- Direct Email Campaign

It’s easy to forget email when you make a video. Nevertheless, it’s a useful channel especially if you have a good contacts list. If these people are already engaged then they’ll generally welcome a fun online video to break up their day. Of course, you can easily create videos by starting with a template and then customizing with your content that you easily drag and drop before you’re ready to download your video ready to email. Then, most video maker tools will allow you to download into manageable formats such that you can easily email your video.


3- Leverage your Website

It goes without saying that if you have a website then, of course, you should talk about your upcoming event. Clearly, you can use your video maker to create videos that honor your brand by including your colors as well as the perfect music from your video maker library of stock. The final first video output will then look great embedded into your website. In fact, it adds a little excitement to your overall page and Google will most likely notice it. After all, their current algorithm favors pages with videos rather than just text and images. So, why not leverage that and get your website to stand out even more when you make videos?

4- Social Media Influencers

These days, everyone is talking about influencers. These people have built up an extensive group of followers on whatever channel they’re using whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, or even Facebook. Instagram is the obvious place because it promotes images and videos that appeal to people.

The idea then is to find those influencers who might have a connection with your business and start reaching out to them. That might mean commenting and getting active on their page or even posting your video maker content. Engage with them and they might then hopefully talk about your event and promote it on your behalf. Their followers listen to them so they’ll take notice of your promotional online video.

5- Paid Ads

Let’s not forget that you can create a more traditional ad campaign although you’ll have to pay for it. Google and Facebook are the most obvious channels but most social media platforms now offer some form of paid advertising. As with everything, you’ll need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. That’s why a video maker is so useful. Another huge benefit is just how easy to use it really is.

With the video editing tool, you not only make your video look exactly right for the effect you’re trying to create. You’re also ensuring they look professional and have the right blend of features and music tracks to connect to emotions. After all, you want people to notice your online video and get to the point that they need to attend your event.

Of course, you can start with a video template but either way, don’t forget to think about your specific audience and what kind of images and story is going to work for them. Then the paid ads will be more than worth it.


Final Recommendations for Using your Online Video Maker for Promoting your Events

Promoting events involves constantly talking about them and encouraging word of mouth. Create videos that tell a story that you can easily download onto social media and email. Then comment, talk about them, ask your friends and followers, including influencers, to talk about them. Everything naturally follows from that wave of comments and chat. You’ll actually be amazed on the actual day of the event just how much people talk to people and therefore how many turn up and what that means for your business. So, make the perfect videos that help people stop and think or simply dream. The rest will come and your event will be a success, all thanks to your online video maker.