5 reasons to watch “Interior Design Masters” on Netflix

Interior Design

Interior Design

You’ve watched ‘La casa de papel’ with pure anxiety, you’ve empathized with ‘Unorthodox’, and I’m sure you’ve had a laugh with ‘Queer eye’. What we have usually put a little more aside, are the Netflix decoration shows, there are, there are. And in case you have not taken to diving a bit for the offer, today we come to make it easy for you to discover this little gem for lovers of interior design on the digital platform. We refer to ‘Interior Design Masters’, the original BBC Two reality show.

Interior Design Masters: the reality deco that is all the rage

We put you in situation: during the 8 chapters, 10 beginners in the world of interior decoration face each other in order to fulfill the dream of being able to dedicate themselves to what they really love. The award, a contract to design the famous historic bar in one of London’s most famous hotels, the Dorsett.

As for the format, it has no mystery, as it follows the structure of most talent shows. Each of the chapters corresponds to a challenge that the applicants will have to face in groups or alone, in order not to be expelled for the week. To give you an idea, some of the challenges have been reinventing extremely neglected hotel rooms, or transforming the design of a bar that was totally off.

As we said, this is a Netflix decoration program only suitable for very fans of design. And when we say this, it is without fear of being wrong, because the reality show revolves around interior design and teamwork. Although sometimes there is friction between the participants, everything is in a purely professional tone and with no place for salsa.

After having stuck to the screen from the first to the last chapter, we can say that we loved it. Highly inspirational, with professionals from the sector known worldwide as a jury and very open at the design level. This is how we watch ‘Interior Design Masters’, Netflix’s decorating show. From Abby M, the Top Interior Designers in Hyderabad, we bring you our 5 reasons so you don’t miss out:

  1. It is a diverse source of inspiration

The participants of ‘Interior Design Masters’ are newbies in the design industry, so each one has had totally different experiences and previous experiences. From a lawyer to a graphic designer, through a social worker and a recent graduate student of interior design. The cocktail results in a variety of totally opposite but equally inspiring styles. From the most campy to the most functional, with vintage and floral touches. There is something for everyone!

  1. The objective knowledge of the jury

Beyond that the design may seem more or less aesthetic according to your tastes, the key is in the jury made up of professionals from the sector at an international level. It is with their strong opinion, with which you will understand why one design is better or worse than another, beyond your perception.

The leader of the group is Michelle Ogundehin, architect and former chief director of Elle Decoration. In each program, Michelle will have a guest jury member such as interior designer Lauren Llewelyn-Bowen, Jade Jagger or Mary Portas.

  1. Provides aesthetic opening

We are far ahead of no, especially when it comes to an important aesthetic decision in our homes: a very daring color, a piece that seems not to fit too much… The same thing happened to one of the owners of a space that was part of one of the challenges of the program. Despite the initial disagreement, they went ahead with the proposal relying on the designer’s criteria. In the end, the result perfectly matched what they were looking for and the set was harmonious and stylish.

  1. Show the importance of teamwork

Especially at the beginning, where the work groups are larger, the contestants have to know how to give in or bet on a certain criterion. The great challenge is that the space is totally coherent, which is difficult when each one wants to show their skills with totally opposite styles. Ultimately, they must maintain a comprehensive aesthetic as a team and demonstrate that they can develop individually and seamlessly in the following programs.

  1. You’re going to be wanting more…

We are certain that there will be a second season ! Taking a look on the program networks, we have found that the application deadlines are already open. Speaking about other talent shows, a good date to launch it would be the end of the year 2020, first on the BBC and then on Netflix. Cross our fingers!

Have you already seen all the episodes and can’t wait? Likewise, a second round makes the wait more enjoyable.