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5 Reasons Hindi Keyboard is Better Than Your Default Keyboard on Your Phone

The most underrated aspect of having a fun conversation with someone is the Keypad you use. It might sound intriguing to some but let me explain. Imagine you’re talking to a friend, and they say something funny, and it suddenly reminds you of a perfect GIF. Time is of essence though; you need to find and send it before the moment passes. At this moment, I would like to ask you, the reader – Will you spend time on the internet searching for that GIF? Or will you want your keypad to be your Robin and help you with this task? If your answer is the latter, then I have got your Robin for you – the Hindi typing keyboard.

Hindi Keyboard App is that one thing you must have in your bag during a journey. As an analogue to the previous example, it is an ultimate android Hindi typing keyboard app you must have installed on your device for a smooth conversation in Hindi. I won’t beat around the bush. Take a deep breath and read along what makes this app a must- have and better than any other on the Play Store.

  1. Type in English, get Hindi text: If you’re the one who finds typing in Hindi extremely difficult, this App has got you covered. Type Hindi words simply in English letters and the App will convert it into Hindi along with suggestions if there are multiple words that could have the same English spellings. No more searching for the varna or a maatra as the keyboard will do it for you.
  2.  Speech to Text: Want to talk to someone after a hectic day of work with no energy left to type? No problem, the Hindi keyboard App provides you with a feature in which you just have to speak and watch the App convert it into a text message. Not just this, but this feature is extremely useful for those who find typing difficult altogether. By remembering these 5 basic things, you can master the use of this feature.
  3. Stickers, GIFs, and Dialogues: Most of the GIFs and Stickers you use everyday use English language. But fear not, with over a hundred thousand stickers and GIFs in the app, send one in your beloved Hindi language and let language be no barrier for a fun conversation. You could also send a Bigmoji to portray your emotions in a bigger way. But if these cannot express your emotions and words are your forte, then the Hindi keyboard App gives you access to the latest movie dialogues and Shayaris to use in your conversation. And if you feel any other App have this feature, I would be saying “Sab Apps me nahi hota Laxman” and the App would be saying “Mai hoon na”.
  4. AI powered keyboard: If you ever have had a thought “I wish this keyboard knew what I want to say and type that itself”, this App does that literally. Keeping your previous framed sentences in memory, the AI of the keyboard automatically suggests a completed sentence after you type a few words, and you need not type any further. The keyboard also suggests emojis based on the words you type which might save a precious few second of finding it yourself.
  5. Personalization with privacy: The Hindi keyboard App lets you give a personalized touch to your keypad which could make it more fun and comfortable to use. You can change the theme, the font, add a background image to your keyboard, but all of this keeping your Privacy concerns in Mind.

Apart from all these features, what truly makes this App the undisputed ruler of keyboards is that it is completely made keeping the Hindi language and the convenience of the users in Mind unlike other apps who have Hindi as a secondary feature. Also, being an Indian App, it understands the requirements of Indian people and commits to keep developing along the way. Download Hindi typing Keyboard now to feel the fun.