6 lockdown friendly video meeting apps

As Coronavirus is expanding its claws, everyone is forced to be confined into their homes. The whole organizational machinery is on the back foot and many people have lost their jobs.

The world has seen numerous numbers of small and medium level enterprises completely shutting their operation due to the huge losses that they have to bear due to this pandemic situation.

Those companies that have managed to survive have given work from home option to their employees. This has been made possible because of video meeting apps which allow the business owners and managers to take sessions with their team for the smooth functioning of operations at home.

With the increasing trend of these apps even school, colleges and other institutes have started conducting online classes.

There are a number of video meeting apps available and hence choosing the best one can be cumbersome especially when you are a novice. Hence after looking into the features I have sorted 5 best and user-friendly video calling apps that you can download and use without any hassles.

Lets dive into the list of video meeting apps and their features

Google Meet

With the increasing demand for video calling apps Google has recently rebranded Google Hangouts Meet app to Google Meet. As is expected from Google product, you need not worry about the security. All you need is to have a Google One account to start a meeting. Other participants not necessarily need to have a Google one account. Using the link by the admin anyone can join.


Whereby (formerly is a video conferencing platform based in Norway, with a huge following in the UK, US and Brazil. The unique thing about Whereby is that you get a personalized URL upon registration which remains the same throughout your subscription. No need to download apps or lose time trying to get guests onto a long and confusing URL, since your meeting URL always stays the same (e.g Additional benefits include screen sharing, locking rooms for extra security and branded backgrounds for companies. Subscriptions start from $14.99 per month with the option to upgrade to add 50 or more guests.

Microsoft Teams

Second, in the list is Microsoft Teams. This meeting app allows chatting among users along with video conferencing. It supports up to 250 members or more simultaneously. As this can easily be integrated with other Microsoft products so the user can send receive Office documents in between a video call.


Not only in this pandemic situation, Skype was one of the most used medium of communication but there were certain issues because of which other video meeting apps took over Skype. Now Skype has made major changes and has joined the main league. It now supports up to 50 people simultaneously.


Slack has recently taken a big leap and has managed to make everyone happy with its awesome features. More and more organizations are opting Slack for business meetings. It supports chatting, sharing documents apart from video calling. The only downside is that you need to have a premium account to access group calling feature, individual calling is however free.


Zoom app has become the hot favorite of both individual and organizations in a short span of time. The best part is that this app is free of cost and there is no limitation on the number of simultaneous users. However, there were some security issues with this app because of which people started looking for other options. Zoom has already fixed most of its security vulnerabilities and can be used tension-free.

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