5 Largest Retail Pharmacy Chains in the United States

Before we start, let us take a peek at the table below that shows the five largest retail pharmacy chains in the United States in 2017 ranked by total pharmaceutical dispensing revenues.

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5 Largest Retail Pharmacy Chains in the United States

  1. CVS

CVS Health boasts one of the largest drugstore chains in america. Along with this pharmacy drugstores, the organization conducts an’Rx benefit management branch’ called’CVS Caremark’ with 75 million program members; Minute Clinics, a chain of retail clinics where nurse practitioners and physician assistants diagnose and treat minor health conditions, administer lab test and vaccines and also offer wellness services; Who runs the largest pharmacy chain in the USA? What makes them great? Why do they turn into your go-to shops and should you expect them to offer you cheap prescription medications? This article will answer all of your questions. CVS specialty pharmacy (handling medications for people requiring complex and costly drug therapies); Provide infusion services and long-term care pharmacy services.

  1. Walgreens Boots Alliance

After shooting over Alliance Boots, a leading global pharmacy-led wellness and beauty group, Walgreens is now the biggest competitor to CVS at the race of getting the largest pharmacy chain in the United States.

Similar to CVS, Walgreens is a lot more than a drugstore. It operates a mail-order drugstore and offers home maintenance and specialty pharmacy services.

  1. Walmart Stores

Now Walmart is the third-largest pharmacy company chain in the U.S retail industry using 2017 earnings as large as $20.5 billion.

Why is it a go-to pharmacy for many customers? Affordability and convenience. Yes, Walmart delivers many generic prescription medications for only $4. Additionally, as soon as your pharmacy is located in such a massive discount shop, you can easily shop for just about anything else while you wait for your prescription to fill up.

  1. Rite Aid Corporation

Although Rite Aid Company had a good sales this past 12 months, it’s not long before this pharmacy will get rid of the race unless it includes a tactical plan.

The Plenti Rewards program that provided substantial discounts and rewards for loyal clients, including savings in Exxon and Mobil gas stations is no longer offered. Additionally, you’ll find every item in the store, from prescription drugs to private care and beauty items highly-priced.

With a limited choice of items, unorganized stores, and fewer places, Rite Aid will have difficulty competing with the largest pharmacy chains in the USA.

  1. Kroger:

Kroger is a big firm and has been an active competitor in supermarket chains and specialty shops. Although that the seventh-largest pharmacy chain in the U.S. however, it’s still fighting. Most folks choose Kroger mainly because it offers the lowest prices on generic prescription medications.

And another reason is their popular fuel program where customers earn gas rewards whenever they shop at Kroger including their own pharmacy.