5 Innovations Of The HVAC Industry  



The heating and air conditioning industry is fast becoming a necessity rather than a luxury across the entire United States of America and the world. This massive expansion of various HVAC units, systems, and technologies is driving the innovation in this field on a scale never before seen. The advances are numerous and the new ones keep coming fast, making it difficult for contractors to keep up with all of the current and future trends and developments.

The fact is that the HVAC industry is not undergoing a simple evolution, but a complete revolution. Everything’s becoming smart and automated, which is a trend that’s only going to increase in the near and far future. What’s more, various modern solutions greatly enhance the efficiency, the performance, and the capacity of these systems. However, what are the innovations your company should start paying attention to and offering?

What Are The Present & Upcoming Innovations In The HVAC Field?

Your clients want the latest and the greatest. They want to experience enhanced energy efficiency of the modern HVAC solutions without losing any of the performance. There’s also an increasing demand for various smart solutions that make their lives a whole lot easier and simpler. However, the industry can sometimes seem to be moving too quickly.

In order to remain in step with your clients and their changing needs and requirements, you first have to get familiar with everything the heating and cooling industry has to offer. Some solutions seem too out of this world to truly catch on, while others seem so obvious that it’s a mystery why they’re not implemented on a wider scale. Here’s what you should look out for:

Using Computer Heat

We’re starting with the weirdest one of the bunch, but also one that could prove quite useful as a supplementary device for powering various heating systems. A computer, especially a PC, but also a laptop, generates a certain amount of heat as it’s running. An inventor has found a way to harness the heat generated by computers and use it to augment a home’s heating system.

3-D Printed AC

3-D printing has come a very long way from its rather humble beginnings a few decades ago. It’s very easy to see 3-D printed air conditioning units in the very near future, making for a far less expensive manufacturing process and far more affordable air conditioning for your customers. What’s more, there’s already a 3-D printed device that cools an area by drawing moisture from its surroundings. Sounds pretty good.

Fully Smart Households

It seems that everything’s going smart these days, and there’s a big reason for that – people love it, and so do your customers. That’s why there are so many advanced systems that allow your clients to operate the various aspects of their home’s comfort and convenience, including different heating, cooling, and IAQ systems from their smartphones.

There are numerous technologies already available on the marker, with new ones just around the corner. Smart ecosystems don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Completely Automated Houses

Smart might not be enough anymore, which is why there are many advancements in full HVAC automation. Soon, various sensors will be able to automatically adjust various parameters in your customers’ homes, allowing them to never again worry about turning their AC on and off or finding the right heating temperature during colder months.

Heat Pumps Using Dual Fuel

Finally, dual-fuel heat pumps are a lot more efficient and offer better performance than their already great traditional counterparts. These devices use a combination of a gas furnace and an electric heat pump to provide the heating for your clients, and they work very well.