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5 Important SEO Ranking Factors



There are over 200 SEO ranking factors. They help search engines determine which sites should appear in search results and how they should rank. If you want your site to earn the top spot on SERPs, you must optimize your online presence to satisfy these factors and hire Seattle SEO service for best results.

Fortunately, not all ranking factors are equal. Some of the factors are more critical than others. Pay special attention to these factors and how they will impact rankings as you plan your SEO campaign.

The cost of SEO in Seattle 

On average, the price of Seattle SEO service is $100 to $250 hourly. On a monthly basis, SEO services can run from $2500 to $10,000. The cost will be dependent on factors such as the size of your website and your competitors.

  1. Security

Google has already discussed how site security is a ranking factor as far back as 2014. Currently, it is one of the most crucial Google ranking factors. Site security refers to the application of HTTPS encryption. Websites that utilize HTTPS encryption will have SSL certificates. It creates a much more secure connection between the website and its users—it is an additional layer of security that protects information between users and the site.

Search engines want to propel users to the most trustworthy sites. HTTPS encryption helps confirm that a site is secure. Thus, if your website uses HTTP rather than HTTPS, your site may not be secure. You should add an SSL certificate. There are different types of SSL certificate out of which wildcard SSL seems a win-win deal for a business then other types of SSL certificates. You can find branded wildcard SSL like comodo PositiveSSL wildcard to secure main domain and subdomains with strong encryption.

  1. Crawlability

Search engines can’t rank your site if they cannot find it. Crawlability is a critical SEO ranking factor. Crawlability allows search engines to skim a website and evaluate its content. Thus, they can determine what a page is about and how it should be ranked.

  1. Mobile friendly

A website must look good and perform well on mobile. Mobile-friendly sites provide an excellent user experience by utilizing a responsive design. It adjusts to the content, so it looks terrific on any screen size. Since more searches are conducted on mobile devices compared to desktops, mobile-friendliness is becoming more critical to both search engines and users.

It is recommended to make your website accessible to your Seattle audience by enhancing its mobile-friendliness.

Seattle residents are constantly browsing online for products and services. They are part of the statistics that pushed the US to the 3rd ranking of most active Internet users worldwide. No longer can the average Seattle resident imagine a life without Internet access. Thus, your SEO efforts must target the needs of this potential customer who has tremendous spending power.

  1. Load Speed

Another crucial ranking factor that factors in user experience is page load speed. Slow websites result in a negative user experience. Search engines know that users want to find answers as quickly as possible. Thus, they emphasize sites that will quickly load. The same holds for mobile sites. Google announced that its Speed update would make load speed a ranking criterion for mobile searches.

  1. User engagement

Search engines consider how users interact with results. Google does this via an AI tool called Rank brain. It helps them determine which pages are better and more relevant.

It is critical to stay on top of your local SEO game. An SEO strategy that considers ranking factors helps your Seattle audience find your business. Seattle residents are constantly online looking for products and services. Going to local hubs such as bars and restaurants is vital to Seattle life. Before entering any brick-and-mortar, they will often check websites and local SEO listings. Thus, it would be best if you optimize your SEO to attract these prospects to your door.