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5 Basic Home Furniture That Can Be Replaced by a Storage Ottoman

Storage Ottoman

Storage Ottoman

A spaciousness is one desirable quality in any home. Imagine having ample amounts of natural light that can beam through your window, and fresh air that can circulate freely in the room. Sounds like an ideal place, right? Keep reading to find out five basic furniture that you can replace with a storage ottoman.

What is a Storage Ottoman?

A storage ottoman is a multifunctional furniture piece that can both serve as furniture and as a storage box. It is piled with a cushion and has a variety of shapes and sizes that is designed as an upholstered seat without a back or arms. This is ideally designed to be placed in the corners of the room. A perfect match for limited space!

Overview of its origin

From Turkey, the heart of the Ottoman Empire, the Ottomans were first introduced into Europe in the late 18th century. While during the 19th century, the ottoman has been used by private member’s clubs as a key element.

From the furnishing practices in the Ottoman Empire, the ottoman traces its roots. It has been suited as a central piece of residential seating. It has been mainly designed as a low wooden platform loaded with a stack of cushions.

It was primarily designed as sectional furniture that wrapped around three walls of a room, before evolving into smaller versions that fit into the corner of a room or circular padded seats surrounding a column or pole in a public room.

Advantage of using Storage Ottoman:

Storage boxes are considered to be a space-saver for every residential unit. It serves as a convenience for keeping stuff organized and easy access for everyday items. Also, its unique design adds an accent to a room.

These are the different styles or types of ottoman that can serve as furniture:

1. Sofa Chairs

The living room is considered to be the most highlighted room in the house. It is where families like to spend most of their bonding time while binge-watching movies on Netflix. Hence, it is an investment to purchase a comfortable seat in your living room.

It is a trendy piece of furniture for it showcases two functionalities. The ottoman bench that features a padded seat with faux leather serves as a couch while it covers a large capacity for storage under its lid where you can hide away the blankets and fabrics or even pillows when not in use.

2. Wardrobe Drawers

Wardrobe drawers tend to eat most of the space of a room. From time to time, one cannot refuse to purchase a piece of clothing that results in the addition of the pile of clothes.

Hence, investing in storage boxes will save you some space. It can also serve as an accent chair in your closet where you can take a seat while picking out an outfit.

3. Chest boxes

Chest boxes are often used as a memory keeper or storage for important documents. It is a space allotted for storing photo albums, cards, and letters from loved ones. It holds a sentimental value that’s why they are kept over the years.

Ottoman storage boxes can also be a substitute for antique chest boxes. Since it comes in a variety of colors and styles, you can choose a model that would suit the interior design theme of your space. So you can keep everything important to you in one multi-functional box which will last for years to come.

4. Coffee table

Ottomans are not only used as seats but can also be used as tables. It can be a perfect substitution for a coffee table when partnered with a slide where you can put your glassware.

It can save a lot of space in your lounge because of its various functions. Piled up magazines can be put inside the storage ottoman and would instantly decrease the clutter in your living room.

5. File Organizer Cabinet

Exposed stacks of file organizers do not seem to be pleasing to the eyes. It messes up the entire space since it won’t match with the theme of the room.

The storage ottoman is low-profile furniture that can fit the empty corner of your room. It can hold your stuff that is not needed to be shown-off. This is a perfect storage box for students and working professionals.


Limited space can still be manageable when you choose the right furniture that can utilize your space. Good thing, ottoman furniture has a wide variety of styles and colors that can match the theme of the room. It also provides storage space for your stuff. It could save up some space in your apartment.

It will be a wise decision to purchase a storage ottoman in replacement for other furniture. It is a truly stylish addition to your interior setting, and is very convenient and a very modern way to add storage space around the house. Should you want to check out ottoman pieces, just visit the website: Enjoy shopping!