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3 Things to Think About Before Buying a Display Home in Australia

3 Things to Think About Before Buying a Display Home in Australia

3 Things to Think About Before Buying a Display Home in Australia

Are you thinking of buying a classy home with a huge space? Well, give display homes a try. Rather than investing in old-school land and house deals, new-age display homes have a lot to offer.

To showcase their abilities in house design and construction, many builders construct display homes. One such building company is Millbrook homes, which offers best-in-class Kellyville display homes.

The same as with any other purchase you’ve made, the first thing you should do is consider the pros and cons. Make sure to go through every aspect of purchasing a display home before making your final decision.

What Is a Display Home?

Display homes are how a builder showcases his building skills, newest features, and product choices.  It is a type of marketing tool that builders use to catch your eye.

The beautiful thing about a display home is that it gives you a feel of your dream home.

Benefits of Buying a Display Home

Display homes have many benefits which can make you think of buying one right away.

1. Premium Furnishing and Quality

Display homes are well-known for their best-in-class quality. Since the builders’ way of making a statement, display homes are furnished with high-end fixtures and fittings.

These houses are cleaned and maintained by professionals regularly to keep them in prime condition.

2. Surrounded by Beautiful Homes

These display homes are often made in a display village. Other high-quality, beautiful homes will surround it.

What makes it more appealing is the fact that it will have a great resale value.

3. Income From Leaseback Agreements

It’s common for builders to sell their display homes and then rent them back from the owner while they continue to construct houses in the locality.

Having a leaseback contract implies you’ll be assured a rental income for the duration of the lease. As a result, you won’t have to shell out money for property management.

Few Disadvantages of Buying a Display Home

There are a few drawbacks of buying a display home that one should keep in mind before making the final call.

1. You Have to Pay Stamp Duty

Since the house is completely built, you’ll have to pay stamp duty to purchase a display home along with the land.

2. You Can’t Move-In Right Away

Most builders tend to keep the house open for display for a few years. Builders continue to construct new homes in the area while they rent the property from the landlord. This way, they have an option to display their best work to the subsequent potential buyers.

3. Limited Personalisation Options

You may not choose your favourite fixtures and fittings to personalise your new home because the builder has already made these choices.

While your builder will give you the option to change and customise a few things here and there, you will probably be charged for it.

Display homes can be your preferred choice if you love a house with premium quality features.

If you’re convinced about buying a display home, reach out to Millbrook homes for Kellyville display homes. They offer a wide range of display homes across Australia at some beautiful locations.


Written By Alison Lurie.